Thriving Amidst Challenges: Unleashing the Power of Cross-Training with Toonimo's Empowering Digital Adoption Platform

In today's challenging business landscape, organizations must accomplish more with limited resources. As a result, prioritizing cross-training has become crucial. By enhancing and diversifying employees' skill sets, companies can operate more efficiently during uncertain financial times and bridge talent gaps.

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The Top 7 Drivers of Digital Transformation in 2023

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walkme vs pendo

WalkMe and Pendo are two popular digital adoption platforms that are designed to help companies...

WalkMe Alternatives

WalkMe is a digital adoption platform that offers a range of tools and features designed to simplify user...

The Detrimental Effects of Inadequate IT Visibility on Your Business

In today's digital age, information technology (IT) plays a critical role in the successes of...

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Why Internet Retailers Love On-Site Video

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Top 5 Platforms for A/B Testing

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4 E-commerce Metrics to Improve Customer Satisfaction ASAP

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Two Answers Provide Endless Split Testing Potential

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Conversions and Touchdowns: How Football Can Increase Conversion Rates

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2 Simple Landing Page Tips that Can Enhance Conversion Rates

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5 Great Tips on Writing Content that Will Convert

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Timing is Everything in Conversions

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How to Score Big Conversions During the Super Bowl

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Advertising during the Super Bowl enables a brand to engage with relevant audiences and...

Super Bowl Post Game: Squarespace from Design to Conversion

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Super Bowl advertising campaigns and strategies were extremely popular this year. The creativity and cross platform...

8 Characteristics of High Converting Landing Pages

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Pouring massive money into an extensive PPC and SEO campaign can do one thing- drive quality

4 Ways a Personalized Walk-Through Platform Will Enhance Your Site Revenue

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If you owned a store and a new customer entered, you would immediately try to assess his needs, lead...

The Psychology Behind User Experience (UX) Increases Conversion Rates

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User experience, or UX, reflects how a user feels while visiting and navigating your site. Research

How User Guidance Can Rev Up Your Sales Funnel

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4 Ways to Combat Cart Abandonment

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3 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Website Customer Service

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With companies like Amazon and Zappos setting the stage, online customer service expectations are more

Site Navigation: Increased Conversions in Under 30 Seconds

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Your website has a lot of information to convey, too much information in fact to be consumed at a...

Introducing New Site Features to Your Customers

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For some of us in the tech world, when introducing a new product or feature in our business, we envision...

How Onsite Guidance Increases Customer Life Cycle

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Customer life cycle is a term used to describe the progression of stages a customer goes through from considering a...

What Onsite Guidance and Sports Viewing Have in Common

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With the evolution of digital technology, sports viewing has undergone a revolution, making the game-watching...

How to Offer Better Customer Service With Fewer Customer Service Requests

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The internet is a very impersonal space. Sometimes being able to talk to your potential customers is all you...

Keep Users Focused With Personalized User Guidance

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The Internet is a busy place and full of distractions to derail your customers from keeping focus and following through...

Using a Website to Improve Customer Service and Experience

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Service based companies can save a lot on customer service expenses and improve their client experience by providing certain conveniences on their websites.

Audio Content: A Sense That Really Speaks to Your Website Audience

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Experiential marketing immerses the consumer into an experience of your product by stimulating the senses through sight...

Onsite Self Service - Ideal or Reality for E-commerce Businesses

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E-commerce business owners often feel they have to make a choice between saving on customer support costs...

Convert More: Harness the Power of Digital Channels

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How to Create a More Cohesive Customer Journey

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How To Deliver A Consistent Message Across All Marketing Channels

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5 Reasons to Humanize Your Digital Channel

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Top 5 Tips for Digital Leaders in Online Travel

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Powerful Tools for Salesforce Admin

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Looking for new ways to improve conversion rate?

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8 Tips to Creating an Effective Self-Service

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Self-service. Whether it is the self-service lane at the gas station or grocery store or your ecommerce website...

Proven Ways To Improve Customer Effort Score (CES)

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Customers are first and foremost the lifeblood of any business operation. Without them, there is no business. Gauging...

How to Streamline the Onboarding Process for New Users

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Onboarding remains one of the most important components of the customer life-cycle. It doesn’t matter if...

How Innovative Technologies Will Influence Customer Experience in the Coming Years

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How to Change Management Successfully in the Digital Era

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How to Simplify Workday Implementation

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Workday offers a robust solution in human capital management, financial management applications ETC. Workday’s solution...

Top WalkMe Alternatives - 2017

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In an era where large quantities of data are changing hands all the time, companies are moving towards cloud based...

SAP Concur and ERP

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SAP Concur is an integrated cloud solution that allows management to manage employee spend however, whenever...

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training with Step-by-Step Walkthroughs

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SAP SuccessFactors is an all-inclusive human capital management (HCM) software solution that uses the cloud-based SaaS model. Their...

The Rise of New Online Training Softwares Copy

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The current solutions for training and onboarding can be divided into two categories. One is face-to-face (F2F) training which was onc...