Industry Challenges

The financial services industry is currently undergoing dramatic change. New technologies are developing and the widespread expansion of digital channels is coming into play.

Banks are at the forefront of these changes. From a customer perspective, financial matters are increasingly being conducted online. Factors impacting the customer experience include ease-of- use, and the ability to easily source information.

Industry challenges that need to be addressed:
  • High Support Costs – This generates high churn and user confusion.
  • Complex and Confusing Online Experience – Results in high churn and high levels of attrition
  • Limited Self-Service Features – Users prefer to solve problems by themselves.
Account Enrollment (Checking or Saving)
Online Banking Registration
Loan Application
Call Deflection
International Fund Transfers

Common Use Cases

  • Financial reports
  • Form filling
  • Online Banking Registration
  • Wire transfers
  • Bill explanation/Account Summary
  • Product explanation
  • Lead generation
  • Plans comparison
  • Loan applications
  • Credit Cards

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How can Toonimo help me with these challenges?

Toonimo significantly lowers the number of incoming support requests by simplifying the user ‘Touch Point.’ This point can be the login, the registration page, or any other point drawing confusion with the user. Toonimo also provides detailed real time explanations and interactive guidance for the user to navigate through complex funnels and other complicated stages. It does this by offering a real human voice walkthroughs with personalized messaging. For example: Bills and statements are explained with a combination of both real human voice guidance and graphical coach marks.

Does Toonimo Support an “on-premise” configuration?

Toonimo offers full-service implementation of the software by providing with the option for ‘on premise’ installation. Full professional services are also provided as needed.

Could I deliver a personal message for every user?

Toonimo allows for personalized messages to be delivered for logged-in users or for new users. This bridges the gap between the support function and the user by making it a more personal experience, thereby driving up brand loyalty.

Could I track and monitor the change in my website’s customer experience?

Toonimo operates an innovative platform that offers clients unfettered access to an analytics dashboard. There you will be able to see precisely how Toonimo is reducing your incoming calls and queries, and how your customers are solving their own problems on site. Within the analytics page you are able to track conversion rates, number of conversions, bounce rate, time on page, click through rate and see how many people finished the walkthrough.

Does Toonimo’s solution involve technical resources from my IT Division?

The implementation of Toonimo’s solution is quick and easy. You simply copy & paste a single JavaScript code line onto your webpage and you’re done. No technical skills or expertise are required.