Industry Challenges

Education operates at the forefront of the digital era. Innovative technologies are now being utilized in Universities worldwide.

Most everything is conducted online. Nowhere is this more important than the education industry. High schools, colleges, and other institutions of learning are scrambling to offer students the most interactive online experience possible.
The millennial generation is comprised of tech-savvy individuals who expect cutting-edge mobile and PC user experience.

Industry challenges that need to be addressed:
  • In Line with Millennials’ Expectations – upgraded internal communications systems and support functionality meets the needs of tech-savvy students.
  • Complex and Confusing Online Experience –enhancements of the educational institutions online offerings and portal conversions lead to higher satisfaction, less churn and greater student productivity
  • Limited Self-Service Features – Users prefer to solve problems by themselves.
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Common Use Cases

  • Backend systems
  • Faculty training
  • Student enrollment
  • Application form filling
  • Portal onboarding
  • Intranet communications
  • Login area

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How can Toonimo help me with the above challenges?

Toonimo offers an innovative solution to the customer service and onboarding function. The Toonimo solution streamlines the process to make onboarding of new students and screening of candidates simpler and more efficient. The software utilizes the most sophisticated audio-visual walkthroughs to create an engaging and personal experience for new and existing students. It assists in the processing of all manner of academic requests. The step-by-step walkthrough offers real-time support to students without redirecting them through a bureaucratic morass. Toonimo offers a real human voiced solution that understands the nature of student queries and reacts in real time.

How can Toonimo help my institute with Moodle learning platform?

Toonimo’s solution has been crafted to fully support and onboard new and existing students with the Moodle platform. It does so in real time, courtesy of an innovative knowledgebase search bar. Here, students will be able to source all the information they require, with interactive walkthroughs that ‘understand’ the student’s concerns.

Does Toonimo Support Multi-Language Functionality?

Toonimo’s audio-visual walkthrough offers support across all languages, dialects, and accents. Further, Toonimo’s text bubble walkthroughs support all written languages. For market segmentation purposes, Toonimo accurately detects which country your visitors are located in (with geolocation targeting) and it targets visitors in the most appropriate language.

Could I deliver a personal message for every user?

Toonimo allows for personalized messages to be delivered for logged-in users or for new users. This bridges the gap between the support function and the user by making it a more personal experience, thereby driving up brand loyalty.

Does Toonimo’s solution involve technical resources from my IT Division?

The Toonimo implementation process is easy. Simply copy & paste a single JavaScript code line into your webpage and you’re done. no technical skills needed.