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Put the user experience at the center of your adoption strategy and cater to all of your users' senses with the most interactive approach on the market.  Take advantage of Toonimo’s branding and style guide section to ensure all text bubbles are on brand with your marketing guidelines.  Combine audio and visual cues to create a stunning and engaging experience by virtually placing a trainer next  to each end user. Personalize the real-time guidance to each user through Toonimo’s segmentation rule engine, and offer content that is relevant at the point of need.  

Differentiators & Innovation

  • User Experience - Clients have the option to use text bubble guidance, or text bubbles combined with audio-visual guidance.

  • Auto-Translation and Multiple Languages - Support all users by offering walkthroughs in all languages, including specific dialects. Save tons of time and dollars by utilizing Toonimo’s auto-translation feature. Easily translate walkthroughs into dozens of languages on the fly with a click of a button.

  • Voice Chatbot -  Speak to the chatbot with your own voice. A Siri™ like bi-directional conversational approach to assist users throughout complex portals and applications that uses all of the chatbot abilities and adds a human touch, giving you the ultimate conversational user experience.

  • Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) - Speed up your support calls! Toonimo’s IVR allows enterprises to create multilingual flows within automated phone system technologies, including conversational (bi-directional voice) state of the art abilities, voice directed surveys, automated KYC verifications and more.

  • On-Premise Installation Options - Create the most secure implementations to stay in line with your organization's security policy standards.  The entire Toonimo architecture can be deployed without the use of internet access and without the need for external ports to be opened, thus meeting high security oriented standards and highly sensitive network information.


Connect your senses and maximize the potential to learn in a dramatically fun and interactive way! All users learn differently, so help them by offering a degree of flexible experiences to engage with and leave no stone unturned.

  • Hearing - Audio guidance

  • Reading - Text Bubbles

  • Visual Cues - Eye catching animated graphics

Enterprise Infrastructure

Flexible Implementation Options Include:

  • SaaS

  • Private Cloud

  • On-Premise

  • Self-Hosted

Analyze & Monitor User Activity

Measure and optimize engagement levels enterprise-wide in order to boost ROI and capitalize on user efficiency.

Streamline Change Management

Take the stress out of migrating tools and knowledge transfer through Toonimo’s extensive library of walkthrough content and flexible implementation options.