Why Toonimo?

A Cutting Edge Digital Adoption Experience

Achieve support cost reduction, increased user satisfaction and a minimal user confusion

Why should you add step-by-step audio-visual walkthroughs to your website?

To Simplify & Accelerate Employee Training

Improve your training with Toonimo. Our smart, personalized walkthroughs cut training costs and eliminate confusion.

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To Onboard Users Personally and Effectively

Engage new users, increase feature adoption, prioritize product improvements and help users complete tasks successfully.

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To Reduce Customer Support Cost and Increase Revenues

Deliver help to customers right where and when they need it, save time and high support costs, encourage Self-Service.

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Build clients' independence & confidence
through a system of engagement

Toonimo’s digital guidance platform enables ecommerce and omni-channel retail enterprises to encourage adoption of digital channels and promote self-service. Align your offline and online brand messaging while catering to online shoppers with a guided unified approach that allows for online visitors to easily navigate across your digital channel.

Success in numbers
28% decrease in training cost
Insurance ProShop
is the largest trainer of insurance agents in North America. Toonimo ensures that the proper information is given to the potential agents so they are able to create a thriving prosperous carrier
15% decrease customer support
Q-Link Wireless
Toonimo is guiding the users in receiving government benefits when it comes to subsidized cell phones. Making sure the experience is quick and easy to complete.