Why Internet Retailers Love On-Site Video

Written by Toonimo

The field of eCommerce continues to grow as a major leader in retail revenue in the United States. According to research from Forrester, US eCommerce sales are predicted to overtake in-store retail sales. By 2017, eCommerce will make up 10% of all retail sales.

Video Can Earn You More Quality Time with your Potential Customer

In order to capitalize on this market share, in the world of ecommerce, we must decide what will help us reach our potential customers in a way that will get them to not just visit our site, but also to stick around and follow through with either a purchase or the next steps of the sales funnel.

In a world that is full of “noise” from the social media world, videos are becoming the most effective way to reach out to your potential customer in a fun and engaging way. They are an emerging resource for any business that is reaching out to a diverse target market. Videos explain to the customer what the product is and why they should buy it while answering potential questions about the product. Here are just a few ways that videos will improve your potential customer’s overall experience and help them to understand your brand and product. After all, this is what will lead them to become a full-fledged customer (and a fan of your product or service)!

The chances that your product will end up in your customer’s shopping cart by 144%. Even more powerful is the number of individuals who will purchase your product once they have seen the video. According to the Online Publishers Association, 12% of all viewers of a video advertisement bought the product featured in the ad. Isn’t that reason enough to put a video on your site?