What Onsite Guidance and Sports Viewing Have in Common

Written by Toonimo

With the evolution of digital technology, sports viewing has undergone a revolution, making the game-watching experience more experiential. Larger screens with higher resolutions, the addition of cameras creating a vast range of angles, 3D technology and an array of tools to enhance our understanding of the action and the game have truly created a phenomenal viewing experience for sports fans.

This active view can be compared to the revolution that is going on in the world of onsite guidance. Such tools give you real-time onsite guidance that can walk users through the site, highlighting important details and keeping them focused on the “game”.  You can engage and impress your website visitors by giving them a live play-by-play of everything they need to know about your website, product or service and your brand. Such technology can greatly enhance the user experience and improve conversion rates.

If you compare an onsite user guidance platform and a live, on-screen sporting event, the similarities of the viewer/user experience focus primarily on increasing engagement and enjoyment.

  • Real-Time Stats- Just as statistics about players will pop up on your screen as the game proceeds, your website can alert users to specific key points, directions or calls to action on your website. These can be audio, visual or even animated cues that help the user navigate through your website and understand your brand in real-time.  Just as networks will track player performance such as pitch speeds, yards run, batting averages etc...you can guide users on their progress through your website and provide personalized history or recommendations to enhance their experience.
  • Instant Replay- Instant replay gives you a chance to see a play from a different angle and often in slower motion, allowing you to really examine what took place. As opposed to the traditional way of viewing a website - reading the content and clicking through pages to find out about what interests you - user guidance can actually “show” you how to navigate through the website and “tell” you the information rather than you having to read it. This gives you that different angle, spelling it out to you in an alternate motion so you can analyze the information in a different, more clear and comprehensive way.
  • Play by Play Commentary- With a personalized walk through guidance system the website will respond to user behavior and create a play-by-play message for the individual user. With each step the site visitor will receive targeted messaging that will provide relevant information for each stage of the sale process. The result is a user that knows exactly what is going on in the “game” (on the site) and where he stands.
  • Hawkeye- Technologies such as Hawkeye, which is a series of cameras placed around the tennis court for grand slam tournaments, determine the actual decision of play challenges through computers. Computer generated triggers can also lead to a sales outcome (conversion) based on user behaviors on a website. Personalized walkthrough technology actually leads the user through the sales funnel with conversion-focused messaging helping to guide him to a certain outcome - a conversion.
  • HD/surround sound viewing - Advanced sight and sound technology create an all encompassing, more life-like game watching experience. Similarly, audio/visual or animated guidance assists your site visitors by  achieving a more life-like consumer experience.  This immersive experience creates enhanced customer satisfaction and enjoyment while on your site.

As opposed to the slow-paced presentation of a typical text-based website, Implementing onsite guidance on your website creates action. Users will feel that they are part of the “game” and will be moved to taking action of their own.