WalkMe Pricing and Other SaaS Pricing Strategies

Written by Toonimo

Many SaaS companies struggle with finding the right pricing model for their product. Given the large amount of different pricing models, a company may choose a model that does not best fit their solution, and therefore does not maximize their revenue.

WalkMe pricing uses a combination of the ‘freemium’ and ‘paid’ model. WalkMe offers users a free account with limited features to essentially “test drive” their platform. Their free plan includes apx. 3 walk-throughs with up to apx. 5 steps per walk-through. In addition, users are granted only 300 assists per month and basic online support, which can be problematic in times of need.

So how much does WalkMe cost?

WalkMe’s pricing strategy is based on the principle that the need between small- to medium-sized businesses, and corporate and enterprise is different. WalkMe delivers solutions to various platforms and the more complicated the software, the more they charge. While WalkMe might charge a high amount to support an internal custom software, they will charge much less on more common platforms such as Salesforce.