Top WalkMe Alternatives – 2017

Written by Toonimo


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WalkMe uses a cloud-based solution that mainly focuses on training and onboarding. WalkMe is one of the first companies that simplified training and onboarding with the interactive step by-step walkthrough. In the recent years, there has been a shift in the need for organizations to utilize onboarding and training solutions. Which results in a greater need for those solution that include interactive personalized guidance.

In an era where large quantities of data are changing hands all the time, companies are moving towards cloud based solutions. Resulting in a big need for onboarding and training, especially as it relates to cost effective tools.
This blog post will provide readers with factual information regarding the most common WalkMe alternatives. The top five alternatives are Toonimo, Whatfix, Pendo, Appcues and Iridize.
Similar to WalkMe both Pendo and Toonimo offer the classic interactive text bubble. However, both companies offer additional capabilities that differentiates them from the rest of the competitors.

In addition to the text bubble Toonimo offers a visual audio overlay that helps clients understand the main objective and purpose of the platform. When using a real human voice, users have the option to pause and replay until they fully understand what to do next.
With Pendos churn management clients can capture all user’s behavior, see which features are driving engagements, receive visibility into account wide usage and lastly follow the paths and see the flow of users.
Whatfix, Appcues and Iridize are all great WalkMe alternatives. In terms of functionality they offer very similar features and capabilities.


Pendo was founded in October of 2013, raising a total amount of 33.25 million dollars. Pendo is an online platform that specializes in SaaS onboarding. Pendo offers solutions based on product management, user experience, customer success and support. Pendo enables their clients to identify their valuable customers by their sufficient churn management, by executing proactive steps to retain them when they are stuck.

Source: Pendo website

Pricing: Pendo offers a free plan that includes basic tools such as self-service / community support, rich product analytics, targeted in application guides, polls, NPS surveys and Pendo branding.
Pendo also offers a premium plan that clients can customize both tools and features. The main tools offered in the customized plan are: email and phone support, option for dedicated technical account management, rich product analytics, targeted in-application guides, polls and NPS survey, no Pendo branding, API support, enterprise Integrations, Advanced Security and Compliance.
The key features Pendo offer’s clients are analytic, Churn Management and feedback collection.


Toonimo raised 3.5 million dollars worth of investment in their second round from three inventors. Toonimo has a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to showcase their key features on their online platforms. Toonimo focuses on training, onboarding and reduction of customer support. Toonimo provides a personalized, step-by-step guidance, with a real human voice and visual cues. Toonimo is the only generation that offers a real human voice for instructions in addition to text bubbles.


Pricing: Toonimo’s prices are customized plans to fit the needs of customers. Customized plans are available for clients depending on usage.
Key features are: real human voice, visual cues, A/B testing, WYSIWYG self-service editor, powerful rule engine, personal analytics dashboards, cross browser, powerful account and success management team.


Whatfix was founded in 2013 and raised 5 million in 5 rounds. Whatfix provides a cloud-based service that is designed to help companies train, onboard and guide employees and new users. There main focus is onboarding and training for small to medium sized businesses, Whatfix also helps companies with conversion improvement and encourage self-service adoption.

Source: Whatfix website

Pricing: Whatfix has a pricing page located on their website however, it doesn’t provide the exact numbers in regards to the total cost. The pricing page states the list of tools and features that Whatfix has to offer. Whatfix does offer a free trial; in order to receive a quote users need to contact the sales team.
The key features Whatfix offers are: self hosting, dynamic URL support, UI customization, analytics reports, white label, user level tracking, multi device support, and SCORM compliant.


Appcues was founded in 2013; they raised 3.7 million dollars worth of investments in their second round. Appcues provides users with training and onboarding with a SaaS cloud based web. Appcues focuses on the UX of the product. This improves usability and user engagement through unique interactive tutorials.

Source: Appcues website

Pricing: The starting price for Appcues is approximately 69.00 USD monthly for the basic package. The basic package includes publish unlimited flows, audience targeting, personalization and Appcues branding etc. Another option is the standard package which is 99.00 USD a month, it comes with Robust features for growth-focused teams such as advanced behavioral targeting, A/B testing and no branding etc. Lastly, the enterprise option starting 2500.00 USD a month, offering a full service package for lasting impact. The package offers dedicated success coach, enhanced security & SLA, custom contracts and invoicing.
The key feature that makes Appcues stand out is action management, analytics, customer segmentation, survey management and multi-channel collection.


Iridize was founded in 2010, there was no information available regarding the amount of money they raised. Iridize focuses on creating interactive product guides and walkthroughs for employee training and web users. The platform concentrates on user onboarding, employee training and lastly customer service.

Source: Iridize website

Pricing: Iridize provides users with a free plan option as well as an optional customized set up. The free plan allowance is up to 100 users, up to five guides, one language supported and template skin color. When evaluating the customized plan clients receive unlimited amount of users and guides, multi-language support, custom look & feel, white label guides, free training, free support, professional services, SSL support and single-page apps support.
The main key Features that Iridize has to offer are as follows: action management, customer segmentation.

Final Words

Whatfix, Appcues, and Iridize are all WalkMe alternatives that offer very similar features for a significantly lower price. Pendo and Toonimo offer comparable features but with an additional specialty such as real human voice (Toonimo) and churn management (Pendo). Nevertheless, clients must decide which alternative is the best for their company.
In the near future, WalkMe anticipates expanding their services to the mobile and AI arena. This will strengthen their foundation by making them a more diverse and advanced competitor. However, there are other alternatives that are much cheaper and offer similar services with a complementary twist (Pendo and Toonimo). WalkMe is starting to lack in certain areas such as voice and user action management.

A few words about Toonimo, Toonimo offers an interactive, step-by-step guidance tool, which delivers solutions for employee training, user onboarding complete online process successfully. Toonimo in the only solution out there with a combination of real human voice and visual cues. Feel free to learn more about our live interactive demos.