Top 5 Platforms for A/B Testing

Written by Toonimo


A/B testing is a critical technique to test different versions of your website in order to know which version yields the best results. A/B testing gives you a proper testing technique and ultimately reduces cuts the time you spend doing random tests and regressions. It relaxes you from extra efforts so that you can concentrate on the core business. Here are some popular and effective platforms to A/B test of your websites. Google Analytics- Content Experiments This is a powerful tool from Google letting you test different variations of your pages and determine which brings the most number of conversions. You can choose a random sample of visitors and define what percentage of your visitors to include in the sample. The price of this service, attractively, is totally free and also comes with updates through email about how your testing is performing. You are free to choose the objective you want to test.

The verdict: It’s fairly simple and there is lots of support – everyone can help you get going. It’s also integrated with the vast array of Google products, which makes it easier to interact with other parts of your marketing plan.

Unbounce A/B testing of your high conversion landing pages with the help of Unbounce. The tool allows testing in a very simple manner. You just have to put your creative ideas in a landing page variation and publish. Your test goes live and data starts being collected. Unbounce has a great collection of best practice templates and allows you to play with a drag and drop interface. The interactive dashboard provides full statistical data of the visits and conversions. Unbounce is not free but the price is reasonable for the service provided.