Toonimo Raises $2.5M to Improve Website Conversion with Customized Animation

Written by Toonimo

Guiding Visitors & Boosting Conversion

Toonimo is proud to announce that we have secured funding to deliver our vision of improving website conversions using custom animations! With Toonimo's custom animation platform, marketers create onsite animations to guide their site visitors through tricky parts of their sites (shopping carts, form fills, etc). Those onsite 'guides' can be set with behavior-based triggers to help visitors who are hesitating, needing help, or about to abandon a website. Marketers see Toonimo's built-in A/B testing, to measure conversion and engagement improvements.

As web marketers continue to add video to their sites, Toonimo recognizes the need to simplify and measure the impact of those multimedia assets. With Toonimo’s platform, businesses can create and launch tailored, site animations in as little as 48 hours- saving heavy production costs and removing the overhead associated with outsourced movie production.  Equally important, Toonimo clients can see the impact their animations are having on key metrics like conversion and engagement using built-in A/B tests.

“Toonimo’s animation platform gives businesses a simple and effective multimedia toolkit that speaks directly with their visitors. Our clients use our powerful conversion-driven creative to deliver bespoke messaging to their visitors, boosting engagement on the trickiest parts of their sites.” said Ohad Rozen, Toonimo’s co-founder and CEO. Ohad continues, “With this financing, we are excited to be able to make world-class multimedia capabilities both accessible and customizable for a wide range of website owners - improving their customers’ on-site experiences and boosting their business results.”

Toonimo’s clients are using animations to help visitors navigate sites, drive online calls to actions (CTAs), complete form fills and stop shopping cart abandonment.

Of course, a special thank you goes to all our customers for helping us build a compelling and effective solution for their needs.

See what all the excitement is about here: or read our full press release about the news