Super Bowl Post Game: Squarespace from Design to Conversion

Written by Toonimo


After yesterday's exhilarating game. The conversation surrounding the game are already beginning to fizzle but the buzz of the digital marketing and insanity about the commercials are only at the initial phases.

Super Bowl advertising campaigns and strategies were extremely popular this year. The creativity and cross platform engagement, enabled brands to seize the high consumer focus around one event to benefit the bottom line. Super Bowl campaigns are fun and interactive, and significant attention is put on the success and ROI of such a significant investment. As ads become more interactive and require more creativity to allow for cross platform engagement and calls-to action, the conversion issue still remains.

For marketing teams, Super Bowl Sunday is the pinnacle day to make sure that all of the landing pages, homepages and user experience is in top form. The big game exposure means high potential traffic.

Spending $4.5 million for 30 seconds of air-time sounds risky. Some ads clearly missed the mark yesterday and will be the talk of the town for many years.

From an online marketing perspective, we watched the game to see which ad was the most successful in bridging the gap between TV to conversion online.

Result: Squarespace

Here are 4 Reasons we think that Squarespace will score big in conversions.

Keep it Simple

This company understood the conversion funnel. They knew that the key to a successful paid ad is to create an engaging video that is memorable and piques the curiosity of the viewer. Especially in today's digital marketing world, viewers are seeking more information beyond the initial TV ad. Squarespace got that and used a great tag line "Build it Beautiful" to entice viewers.


Call to Action

The site's simple design left users with only two options. Sign up or Watch Jeff Design His Site. In either case, the user understood the clear call to action and wanted to dig deeper. If they watched the Super Bowl, then they want to know more about Squarespace and Jeff designing the site.


Landing Page

Talk about high-quality and highly engaging content. Squarespace used powerful, yet relatable words to support the strong visuals that define the quality of the product. In many ways, Squarespace showed and told why their site is so unique. They took storytelling to the next level by turning it into a cross platform user experience.

The next step for Squarespace was to create a landing page that was designed to match the TV ad. The seamless integration across the medium enabled visitors to easily identify and continue their navigation journey without any issues.


Monitor the ROI

Using the initial peak of Super Bowl fans and video views as a guide, we can already determine the success of Squarespace's conversion rates. The ad was aired for 30 seconds but many missed it and were drawn to a secondary site. We noticed that about 4% of visitors continued their user journey from the initial point of interaction, during the TV ad, and then went on to watch the video on YouTube. From there the site traffic was at an all time high and if we assume that of the 11 billion people watching the Super Bowl, 4% converted to the Squarespace site, well there's a nice ROI for you!

While the Super Bowl may be over, the conversation is now being intercepted by the commercials and cross-platform digital conversion optimization efforts that Squarespace so successfully secured.