Site Navigation: Increasing Conversions in Under 30 Seconds

Written by Toonimo

Your website has a lot of information to convey, too much information in fact to be consumed at a glance. And sometimes a glance is all you have to grab and keep the attention of your visitor.  You can leave your website users to their own devices, hoping they will successfully navigate your site, find the information they need to understand the value you are offering and take action. can control their navigation by providing a guided tour, to make sure they stay focused in the sales funnel and that the get the full “pitch”.

All it takes is 30 seconds.

Onsite guidance or navigation will direct the user through all of the essential steps of your website focusing on conversion. They will get a taste of what you offer, with the most important aspects featured.

A quick site tour will:

  • Engage your visitor
  • Keep them on site
  • Highlight page features and main selling points
  • Guide them along the sales funnel
  • Increase conversion rate optimization

You put a lot of effort into creating your website - writing the right copy, designing the navigation, creating the most effective calls to action. Clearly, presenting your products and services to potential customers is key to sales. So why take the chance that the user will leave your website before they really understand what you are offering?

Quick, Thorough Information

In the mobile age, people have less patience to sit and read. They want information to be short, quick and easily digestible. They want the cliff notes - the Tweets. An onsite navigation is the perfect solution for users to get the information they are looking for without the effort of looking for it.

A navigation will give prospects the basics and show them what you are really about. You can show off your products and highlight key points.  Once you have captured their interest, then they can go back and fill in the details by taking more time on your site, but the point is they are engaged and motivated to find out more. Statistics show that the longer you keep visitors on your site, the higher the conversion rate.

Enhanced User Experience

Take the guided experience one step further and add in audio visual guides, real voice scripts or animated elements to really impress and engage users.  Interactive features show the user that you really care about your site and that you want them to be impressed and have an easy, informative and pleasurable experience. Users will take the tour out of curiosity and because audio/visual content is far more attractive and engaging than plain text.

User Experience (UX) is a huge factor in conversion rate optimization and reducing cart abandonment.


A website walkthrough will keep the visitor on track and engaged within the sales funnel.  With targeted messaging to keep the user moving in smooth transition through the site, you will be far more likely to hold the user’s attention - at least until the end of the tour.

The great thing about a website is that like a 24/7 salesman, it is always on, and you want to ensure that your salesman is being effective at reaching your audience. A user guidance system improves the chances that visitors don’t leave your site until they have a good understanding of what you are about and that you are getting the essence of your message across clearly.
With a website tour, in just a few seconds you can ensure your prospects are informed about your products and services, satisfied with their user experience and hopefully impressed by what you have to offer.