SAP Concur and ERP

Written by Toonimo


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of enterprise application that is used by companies to manage day-to-day business activities. ERP software encompasses a whole variety of different functions and integrates them into one system. SAP Concur integrates invoice, travel, and expense management into a single system.

Using a cloud-based solution, SAP Concur simplifies travel management, streamlines expense reporting, and automates invoice processes all in real-time. Concur’s travel management allows employees to book their travels, such as booking flights, trains, hotels, and/or reserving a car, through their online portal. Managers can set up built-in policy controls to guide employees as to what’s allowed and what’s not. With Concur’s expense reporting, employees can easily create and submit their expenses and managers can accept or reject claims on the go. Lastly, Concur’s invoice processes allows it to integrate itself with a wide variety of vendors to create automatic invoices. One of the biggest benefits of SAP Concur is that its solutions are available online and on their mobile application.

Current Methods of Training

According to our research, we have found that customer satisfaction with SAP Concur is steadily positive. While users have small nitpicks with the platform, there seems to be no major problems with Concur. The only apparent issue is SAP Concur’s methods of training. As of current, Concur offers different types of training such as: basic training, customized training services, online reporting tutorials, and structured learning courses. These methods are tiered so the more specific and structured the method is, the more expensive it becomes. Companies are offered the basic form of training free of charge, but for SAP Concur to be utilized successfully, users must be trained and onboarded properly to understand how to make various requests and changes. This is where third-party online training tools can be of greatest benefit.

Benefits of Online Training Tools

In recent years, there has been an emergence of a new generation of online training tools. These tools, dubbed as “digital walkthrough software”, provide personalized web page guidance in the form of step-by-step walkthroughs. These solutions can provide different benefits in many industries. Such benefits are improving user training & onboarding, reducing customer support costs, and increasing sales and conversions. Key differentiations in the different products are in the features they provide, such as adding a real human voice along with annotations. These tools can easily be integrated with SAP Concur to give access to users a plethora of on-demand, guided walkthroughs to properly teach and retain the software; Employees and managers, alike, will be able to easily learn the features of SAP Concur. These tools not only encourage self-service and improve user engagement, but also reduce costs associated with traditional onboarding methods.

Some Examples of Features Provided:

  • With the guidance of a Real Human Voice, users are easily onboarded through audio-visual walkthroughs that interactively guides users and can address them personally.
  • Visual Guidance is a powerful feature that helps explain and guide users or employees through a complex funnel with visual cues and CSS effects.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance not only guides the user by telling them what to do next but will also wait until the user completes that specific task in order to continue to the next step.
  • Use Conditional-based Onboarding when a user enters a specific website and does not make an interaction for an allotted amount of time, by having an interactive pop-up appear to aid the user in figuring out the next step.
  • The Search Menu Widget grants users the ability to browse through different walkthroughs and select the walkthrough they want to initiate. The search menu can be divided into subsections for a large amount of walkthroughs.
  • The Reporting and Analytics Dashboard shows aggregated analytics for each individual training session and tracks conversion rates, number of conversions, bounce rate, time on page, CTR, completion rate, and more.

Final Thoughts

SAP Concur is an integrated cloud solution that allows management to manage employee spend however, whenever and wherever in terms of travel, expense, and invoice. It is a single platform that allows employees to act on outstanding tasks, book travel, submit expenses/invoices, and more. Given this, users of SAP Concur have to learn how to properly use the solution to reap the benefits, which can lead to high onboarding costs. SAP Concur’s higher-tiered training packages can provide quality training but at unreasonable costs. “Digital walkthrough software” can help reduce costs and increase user understanding by providing on-demand, guided walkthroughs that help teach the software at an affordable price point.