Keep Users Focused With Personalized User Guidance

Written by Toonimo

The Internet is a busy place and full of distractions to derail your customers from keeping focus and following through with intentions to convert. In fact, with the bombardment of products, marketing messages, content and ads, the world wide web can be quite a daunting place.

Focus People!

For your audience to be focused, your message and delivery need to be focused. You want your website to give your audience options but at the same time to be a haven of simplicity and clarity that will keep the user engaged on your site.

In 2012, Corporate Executive Board conducted multiple worldwide surveys and interviews of more than 7,000 consumers, hundreds of marketing executives and other experts and determined that the main driving factor in what they called “customer stickiness” is decision simplicity. (Customer stickiness involves follow through on an intended purchase, repeat purchases and recommendations to others ).

In the study, they established a “decision simplicity index” for websites to gauge how easy it is for consumers to navigate, get information and make the purchase-decision journey.   They found that brands that scored in the top quarter of the study were 86% more likely than those in the bottom quarter to be purchased by the consumers considering them!

So how do you make your site more simple to use?

User Guidance/ Guided Navigation

Keep users on track and conversion-focused by providing onsite guidance. Interactive user guidance provides cues and direct messages to help users orient themselves and navigate your website effectively. This will eliminate chances of the user feeling overwhelmed with choices upon entering your site. Giving clarity to your site visitors and making it easy for them to find their way around and easily complete the action they intend, will help consumers along an efficient path toward a purchase. Your site visitors will have an enhanced user experience with you helping them to find their way and the information they are looking for faster.  Quicker, easier navigation will reduce the likelihood of many of the feelings that result in site and cart abandonment such as frustration, indecision and overwhelm.

Personalized Messaging

Simplify the decision making process by personalizing the user experience. You may have a lot to offer customers, but not all of what you have to offer is relevant to everyone.  In a brick and mortar business you can target your sales pitch by first acquiring details about the individual needs of your customer. By asking, “How can I help you?” you direct them to the solutions that are most relevant, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. With ever-advancing technology, such as that employed by the Toonimo platform, you can garner specific information about the user based on behavioral cues that will trigger directed messaging and calls to action.  Personalized messaging will keep the user engaged on your site as you are more likely providing the information that is relevant to what they are searching for.

Putting these two solutions together creates a personalized, user guidance system that will promote conversion-focused engagement which keeps the customer moving toward a sale.  You will be happy because your conversion rates will be higher and your customers will be happy because they will have a simple, clear and focused user experience, making them feel good about their purchase decision and about your brand.