JVL Jewelry Increases Sales by 7% with Toonimo

Written by Toonimo


Toonimo is proud to share a customer success story, JVL Jewelry, which implemented the solution on its jewelry e-commerce site.


JVL Jewelry, an online wedding band retailer is recognized by the wedding industry as one of the leading online marketplaces for wedding bands.

The Challenge:

JVL Jewelry’s main challenge was differentiating themselves among the crowded market of online wedding jewelry sites. JVL sought to explain to their visitors about the personal touch they provide for online shoppers and guide their visitors through the online shopping and checkout process.

Why Toonimo

JVL Jewelry implemented Toonimo’s solution on various pages of their site to guide visitors through the shopping experience. With each new page, online shoppers were engaged with relevant facts about the items they were shopping, thus gaining a personalized online shopping experience.

The Solution

With Toonimo’s guided walkthroughs, JVL Jewelry successfully reduced support calls by 30%,  leading to an immense customer service costs savings for the company. Furthermore, Toonimo’s solution led to increased time on site and reduced cart abandonment. Overall JVL Jewelry experienced a 7% increase in sales.