How to Score Big Conversions During the Super Bowl

Written by Toonimo


Tonight is the biggest sports night of the American calendar. More than 75% of Americans will be glued to their TV's watching the big game.

Interestingly, while some football purists will be watching the game on the TV, many will be using multiple devices to keep the conversation going during the commercials, the time outs, and halftime. The multi-screen experience is the opportunity for many online marketing teams to engage, convert and enhance the user experience beyond the game.

Of course, we have to show respect to the famous Oreo commercial which seized the opportunity to leverage the blackout during the Super Bowl of 2013 to engage an audience and increase digital conversation beyond the game.

Advertising during the Super Bowl enables a brand to engage with relevant audiences and create a targeted buzz, and potentially positive conversation around the brand. The goal with being active during the big game is to optimize the campaign to help convert digital fans and followers into actual customers. According to analysts, football fans are planning to spend in preparation for the Super Bowl on everything from food to electronics and from sports gear to decorations. With total spending during the Super Bowl season predicted to reach USD 14.3 billion, companies should be using the big game to score big on conversions.

Here are our favorite marketing tactics that can have a big impact on conversion rates and are sure to score big in the endzone of business- profits.

Retarget Customers with Relevant Game Day Content

Leveraging the Super Bowl as a means to generate traffic around relevant content is good. Targeting and re-targeting these visitors is a touchdown. While the build up to the Super Bowl is focused on purchasing, the real kicker is the follow up after the game. Stand out and engage, retarget and drive conversions with focused content. Just because the big game is over, doesn't mean that the conversations about the ads and the game are over. Keep the content and the retargeting going for a few weeks. That's when the real conversions occur. Don't forget to optimize and target content, especially videos, to the keywords that are associated to the campaign and the Super Bowl. Drive the conversion rates up by keeping the fan rate high after the game.

Real Time Marketing

Last year, Nielsen Social Guide identified nearly 6 million people in the United States were active on social platforms during the Super Bowl. Over 25.3 million tweets were sent during the game (the amount is higher once the global community is considered). With the digital reach so high, companies should seize the high traffic and high communication opportunity to create relevant, engaging and timely content.

In a clear example of what NOT to do. Brands should not be planning out exactly what they're saying in a commentary like Totinos' epic pre-Super Bowl fail. In their excitement to engage, they scheduled all of their posts and content for Saturday instead of Sunday.

User Experience

Searching and user experience on multiple devices means that users are engaging with the Super Bowl related content throughout the day. The searches peak during the half-time. Make sure that the campaign is optimized and that the user can seamlessly navigate during the break. A positive user experience means that the site loads fast, is responsive, and is simple for optimal user experience. Make sure that if there is a purchase conversion involved that the conversion funnel is tight with minimal barriers.

Post Game Engagement and Conversation

Keep the excitement alive after the Super Bowl. Social media is ideal for this type of communication and conversation even after the Lombardi Trophy has been passed around. Create brand followers and capitalize on the buzz generated during the game as a springboard for conversation.

Regardless of which team, the Patriots or the Seahawks, wins the Super Bowl, the opportunity for online businesses to engage, communicate and create valuable conversion focused content is ideal during the game.