How a Human Voice Can Increase Your Website Sales

Written by Toonimo


When it comes to your retail website, if you can’t capture your visitors’ attention –and keep it from search to purchase –good luck growing your revenue. And on top of that, there are only so many ways that you can design a website. Standing out in a sea of competitor sites is a challenge.

So how do you make sure your visitors are engaged enough to spend the time finding what they need, then following through to complete their purchase, quickly and easily?

Consider adding a digital concierge to your website. It will not only capture your visitors’ attention, but efficiently move them through the buying process as well, with personalized messages tailored to the user.

The digital concierge is like a personal shopper, complete with a warm, human voice that helps your customers navigate through the layers of your website to find exactly what they are looking for.

And the best part?

Our research shows that this small addition will change the paradigm of your online customers’ experience. It keeps visitors on your site more than 20% longer and potentially boosts your sales by nearly 10%.

Here’s how it works.

As soon as someone visits your homepage, they have the option to listen to a quick overview of your site told by a friendly, human voice. Then, as they are directed to what they are looking for, the same digital concierge explains and compares product features. This gives real life context to help your customers better understand the product, thus helping them make the best buying decision.

For example, if your site sells computers, the average customer probably doesn't know the difference between levels of RAM or why they may need a certain chip speed.  Or if your site sells bicycles or exercise equipment, your customers might not understand what scenarios would require a larger tire or a why they might need a treadmill monitor that not only measures heart rate but pulse as well.

The dynamic presentation layer, in the form of a friendly human voice, will explain why. And because it is customized to your site, it works on any system with any product.

Once your site visitor selects a product, the same friendly voice can walk them through the check-out process by explaining things like shipping and promotions, and continue to answer any questions until the purchase is complete.

So consider adding a dynamic presentation layer solution to your site as the key to helping your customer’s make better purchasing decisions and provide an overall more satisfying user experience.  You’ll not only increase sales, but also unify the customer experience across all of your marketing efforts by using the same voice as your video ad or tv commercial and add that personal touch often missing in the digital space.