Convert More: Harness the Power of Digital Channels

Written by Toonimo


If you run a travel or hospitality website, you know there’s a world wide web of competition out there –and you have to have something unique that pulls people to your website and keeps them clicking.

Research shows that if you don’t capture your visitor’s attention in 4 seconds or less, expect them to bounce to a competitor’s site. A bland user experience isn’t just boring for the visitor, it can be catastrophic.

So how do you provide a unique customer experience that differentiates your brand and offers the right level of technological innovation across your digital channel?

The answer is to add a dynamic presentation layer that engages with visitors drawing them deeper into your website.

Think of these features as your virtual sales team with the ability to reach out and help people around your website the same way a reputable store does.

Let’s say your site books hotel reservations.  Interactive features can welcome visitors, compare different types of rooms, make intuitive suggestions based on previous purchases, assist with bill pay and answer questions. Likewise, if your site sells airfare, interactive features can aid with flight selection, seamlessly walk customers through the check-out process, assist with order forms and onboarding, and offer add-on features like mobile notification, transportation options and restaurant reservations.

These features can also literally give a human voice to your website, talking to assist your hearing impaired visitors with customizable voice and language preference. And with live chat, click to call and email access, your visitors can ask simple questions and get answers in real-time, directly on the site. No more frustration for your visitors, and no more jumping to competitors’sites.

Implementing cutting edge site engagement features like these grow your business in three proven ways.

1. A boost to your bottom line: When a visitor comes to your website, you literally have seconds to capture their attention by nailing your unique selling point. These interactive features improve conversion and close more sales by helping your customers make the best buying decision.

2. Reduce your staffing costs: Imagine asking a question on a website and getting an answer almost immediately! Or inquiring about a bill or lost password and not waiting endlessly on hold for a representative. Interactive features both improve website customer service by eliminating wait times, and save your business money by reducing calls around popular phone escalation inquiries.

3. Give your customers that “feel good” experience: Interactive features provide your customers with the right information at the right time, helping them make the best decision. They also help retain customers by understanding their needs and offering tailored suggestions or assistance at key junctions in the buying cycle. This increases the chance of customers returning and recommending your site. And with the power and reach of social media, customers who shares positive feedback about your site will increase traffic. Likewise, a negative share can be enough to put you out of business.

The bottom line, your customers expect more when they visit your travel and hospitality website. They want quick access to the information they need and they refuse to spend time clicking around.  A website with static pages misses a crucial opportunity to convert and retain a loyal customer. Give them the opportunity to engage, and you’ll gain loyal customers for years to come.