5 Simple Ways to Use Video to Boost Your Site Conversion

Written by Toonimo


A user’s website experience is determined within seconds. Users judge fonts, texts, images and media quickly, and form impressions about the value of the company behind them. Static product images, interactive product descriptions and explainer videos on websites can be easy.

I’ll prove it…

Consider a website with detailed (lengthy) product descriptions, product images, sales letters and white papers on one side and a simple explainer video on other side about the product. As an easy introduction to the product, visitors will hedge their bets and invest a bit of energy in watching a video – instead of pouring over thick product descriptions, specs, letters, images etc. It’s not hard to see that a favorite marketing test to run is replacing product whitepapers with product demos and watch the online conversions jump.

So, adding videos to your website to boost conversions is an integral part of your marketing campaign. Here are some simple ideas to get working with video and to get video working for you. Try some of these techniques to see how your conversion rate jumps.

1) Add video showing the product in use

Adding the videos showing the products in use gives the visitors a better picture of the product performance and this encourages them to buy the product with satisfaction. Their misconceptions and queries get solved when they are able to see the product in use.

2) Add video to showcase the product benefits

While we love to show our products in use, users themselves often need more practical guidance. These videos tend to be more feature and use case specific and can continue building value for your product throughout your user’s product lifecycle. As users become more familiar with the basic value and use cases, you can show them more advanced features and invite more complicated interactions. Product and feature videos can be useful to highlight features and functionality as part of both marketing (pre sale) and support (post sale). A good example is a video from Apple showing features of iPhone.

Add videos to simplify complex products and processes

When using a product is scary or complex, you might want to consider creating an instructional video. While these videos can be more difficult to set up, they often point to a weakness in the product and need a longer term fix…