5 Great Tips on Writing Content that Will Convert

Written by Toonimo


In this post we've compiled 6 of our favorite tips to improve content writing to focus on conversions. After all, that's the focus of any onsite business. These effective tips are sure to boost conversion rates for any site.

One Audience

Imagine for a moment that the customer was sitting directly across from the top salesman in a coffee shop. If the customer was sitting there, the discussion would focus on their needs, not the companies great product. Right?!

Every company has a uniquely engaging powerful story to tell.

Forget about all of the value proposition and unique selling points of a company.

Forget about what the site offers and shift the focus to the customer. What do they want? What are their pain points?

Reaching current customers and asking for their input on what content they would respond to is the ideal.

While every company should know what their target audience wants, it's more about understanding why the customer wants a specific product or a specific piece of content.

Great Story

As we mentioned, every company has a unique story. The art of storytelling that focuses on benefits is the key to any good content writing and marketing campaign.

Define the story of a product, the company. Why should a customer care about the story or the company?

Identify the key points that are unique. Every company has them. They need to be distilled and refined. Once they've been identified, the rest is infusing the content with life and passion.

Focus on the amazing way in which customers have used a specific product. Every industry has competitors, that's a fact. But every company has a unique customer story that highlights the value in a way that no other competitor can.

Once the story comes to life, add that to the About Us section on the site. Why? Because this gives the company a chance to concisely share their unique story to their audience. Once its there, expanding and creating rich content that resonates with that unique story is easy.

Test, Test, Repeat

Yes, everything about online marketing involves testing. It's the only way to focus and ensure that the conversion funnel is functioning at the optimal level.

With writing comes testing. So any piece of content from headlines to blog posts to landing pages should be tested, constantly.

If time is of the essence, then fine the testing to produce only the most fundamental metrics. There are many metrics that companies test for conversions, but keep the testing cycle down to the most important ones.

Here are our top 5 metrics

  1. Monthly Recurring Revenue
  2. Churn
  3. Cost Per Acquisition
  4. Average Revenue Per Customer
  5. Lifetime Value

Customer Proof/ Testimonials

Social proof is powerful. It's the driving force behind customer decision making.

According to recent studies, nearly 90% of customers use online reviews and customer sites to influence their purchase decisions.

Think about it. Before customers shop online, they look at Amazon for reviews and then either buy it on a cheaper site or go into the store.

Each company has social proof. It can be a newspaper article, a product review from an influencer, a blog post, or a satisfied customer. Whatever it is, flaunt it.

Every company should be leveraging customer testimonials to not only add social proof but also to add value to the brand story.


Unlike classic marketing, online marketing guides and adds value to customers before making the sale. Free, value-driven content is often the focus of any marketing strategy. Once the company has engaged with the customer and gained their trust, will a sale actually be made.

Conversions in the online world take time but they are effective.

What knowledge and value driven content is the company providing its potential customers?

Is there any information that can be produced to position the company as an industry leader?

Are any efforts being made to engage, communicate and extend the relationship with existing customers? What content is being produced or benefits being offered to encourage repeat conversions?

Retention rates should increase once this type of reciprocity focused content is integrated into the marketing efforts.

These are our favorite content writing tips that can help any company convert more customers.