5 Efficient Salesforce Training Tools

Written by Toonimo


Salesforce is a global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This describes the complex interrelationships and interactions between a company, its stakeholders, and clientele. CRM is geared towards improved profitability within the company through the human resources department, and externally through the supply chain. The rapid growth of Salesforce has brought about a sharp increase in the demand for Salesforce admin on a global scale.

A brand-new desktop app from Salesforce is known as the Lightning Experience. Users will have to be familiar with the new Lightning UI really fast, the salesforce lighting showcases 25 unique features on a user-friendly interface and is optimized for maximum functionality. It highlights the Lightning Component Framework for accelerated development, performance, and visual construction of apps. It can be deployed seamlessly and fully customized for maximum functionality during Salesforce training.

Learning and Training Options

Salesforce CRM employment opportunities include a wide range of specialized positions and career prospects. These cover the full spectrum including: sales, tech & product, customer success, marketing, and IT. As the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce is deployed in multiple industries, across all continents. Thanks to its Intelligent Customer Success Platform, Salesforce admin and developers are in demand globally. Companies that employ the services of Salesforce are required to stay abreast of the latest innovative technologies and changes in the market.

Various Salesforce training options are available, including self-learning via webinars, seminars, articles, guides, and videos. Other options include face-to-face training in person, or via live feed. With such rapid and dramatic changes taking place with the technology, it is imperative that admin personnel and developers are on their A-game when using Salesforce. The company offers didactic virtual learning demos with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Wave Analytics, App Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and IoT Cloud.

5 Effective Tools to Learn Salesforce

  • #1 Lynda.com offers multiple Salesforce training courses for administrators, customer service representatives, supervisors, and management. While a company is building its customer relationship management structure, key personnel can convert leads into opportunities, generate reports, set up accounts and add new contacts. Lynda.com offers a 10-day free trial to users.
    The paid services include a basic option at $19.99 per month and a best-value premium option at $29.95 per month. These offer users beginner and advanced Salesforce training plan and up to 5,975 courses and unlimited learning from your TV, tablet, computer, smartphone, or phablet. There are many advantages to using the software including instant access via the IoT, motivational courses and technical updates. The downside is the limited 10-day free trial. Some of the complaints users have noted about Lynda are related to poor customer feedback
  • #2 New age Training and Onboarding Tools provide a feasible and cost-effective solution to understanding, implementing and explaining Salesforce to admin and stakeholders. The use of step-by-step interactive human voiced walkthroughs simplifies the adoption and implementation process of Salesforce in the company. These Salesforce training resources can be initiated at any time. Clients have the ability to implement rule-based guidance to tailor the onboarding to perfection. These onboarding tools also make it easy to explain how things work while users are interacting with the system. Clients can assess the efficacy of new age training and onboarding tools with a live demo at Toonimo. Real time guidance and enhanced assistance fast-track the learning process and achieve better results.
  • #3 Trailhead of Salesforce is the self-described ‘fun way to learn Salesforce’. A team of trailblazers from Salesforce provide interactive Salesforce training modules on personalizing customer journeys, building apps quickly, engaging customers with the Internet of things, rapid sales with sales cloud and enhanced customer satisfaction with service cloud. These trails are designed to expedite learning through the many features and functions available through Salesforce. There are various Trails, Modules, Projects and Superbadges that users can work through, and everything is available for free. The options are applicable to admin, beginning users and business users at the time of writing there were 47 trails available, and while impressive, it is a lengthy and intensive way to understand this powerful CRM program.
  • #4 Salesforce YouTube Channel is yet another option available for Salesforce training. This channel provides audio-visual presentations of how to use various features and functions of Salesforce. While it is all-encompassing, users will have to search for specific Salesforce features and functions as they navigate through the program. The videos channels include Dreamforce, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Desk.com, App Cloud, App Exchange, Developers and Salesforce.org. Each featured channel showcases dozens of related videos with explanations of how to optimize use of the system. It may prove cumbersome to learn in such a manner, especially with companies that have multiple departments, admin personnel and clientele to work with.
  • #5 Face-To-Face Training is common with Salesforce training programs and is typically undertaken by local Salesforce resellers. Once you have decided to implement Salesforce in your company, it is necessary to understand the way that it works so that it’s adoption and functionality is maximized. On-site face-to-face training is another option available to admin and developers to implement and use the software. Advanced training includes report writing and system maintenance. The face-to-face option is reliable and effective, although it is rather expensive. Among other benefits are higher user adoption rates, increased sales pipeline and improved productivity and performance from staff, clientele, and other stakeholders. The downside: cost.

Bottom Line

There are many effective ways to learn Salesforce. Each of the 5 listed options has merit for Salesforce training provided the admin personnel, developers and clients are willing to work with these resources. For the most part, they will always be a specific audience for these individual learning channels, and the best approach may be one that integrates Salesforce YouTube videos, new age training and on boarding tools, and face-to-face training for maximum effectiveness. Corporates tend to explore all available options while setting up a new onboarding system like Toonimo and others with employees and/or clientele. It is vital that new management systems and structures are understood by all relevant stakeholders in the company in order that they be adopted for maximum effectiveness.