5 Best Practices for Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Written by Toonimo

The goal of any digital entity such as a website or blog is to generate conversions. Traffic is great, but if your visitors aren't converting, then what's the point, eh? By converting we aren't just talking about sales. We are talking about completing actions such as "Download this White Paper", "Please Donate", "Buy", “Get a Demo”, or a plethora of others. The process of optimizing your website has quite a few names and is an issue of hot debate among influencers and marketers. How do you do it exactly?

By the end of this post, you will understand some best practices to optimizing your site by implementing minute changes. Making these sometimes microscopic changes can many times makes conversions skyrocket.

Company Info
All businesses are not the same. However, there are a lot of businesses that are very service-oriented and the detail of the information on their “About Us” page must be of the highest caliber. Say you have an immigration or translation services business. These are services that must deliver precision. Prospective clients are going to want to check you out and see what you're all about. While this page is sometimes glossed over, service-oriented businesses get a lot of traffic to their “About Us” page. The idea is to include some real photos, contact info and details about who your clients are, perhaps a link to testimonials. And since it will be visited more often, a Call to Action is recommended.

Show the Human Side
Nothing is worse than stock photos of fake people. Show that husband and wife smiling when coming out of your store, the soccer mom and her kids in her 4x4 on the way to Sunday practice. You get the idea. Swapping out stock photos or paintings of people with real-life photos will enhance connection with your visitors and ease them along the road to conversion.

Implementing a live chat feature on your page can be done within minutes for free, or at very little cost. This feature also helps businesses to project the human side. Picture yourself on a site with live chat where you can enjoy a direct line of communication with a real person. If you have any questions, you can just ask him/her. No need to navigate around. It’s a proven effective method of connecting with your audience.

Spacing and Fonts
These are a few elements that may just need some tweaking to get right. You don't want the spacing of the words to icons, photos or even to each other to make it aesthetically unpleasing to the eye. You really want to make the visitor's experience as pleasant as possible. There are visual changes that you can make to your content that will improve the road to conversion. I won't even get into colors. That is an entire study by itself.

Thanking your Visitors
This page usually is designed as an afterthought, but it really is a way to connect with your visitors after the conversion. You may think that you’ve already got their email so why bother but a solid Thank You page can increase future conversion potential with CTAs such as signing up for newsletters, following you on twitter, or offering them a coupon.

As you can see, the above best practices are not huge overhauls by any stretch. The idea is to get as much feedback from friends, family, co-workers, and employees on what minute changes you should make to put yourself on the way to that conversion pot of gold.