4 Ways a Personalized Walk-Through Platform Will Enhance Your Site Revenue

Written by Toonimo

If you owned a store and a new customer entered, you would immediately try to assess his needs, lead him to what he is looking for and close a sale. This is inherently harder on a website, when the consumer is left to self-navigate and will decide within the first few seconds whether you have what he needs.

On a website, if engagement doesn’t happen almost immediately, the opportunity for a conversion is lost.

This is where a Personalized Walk-Through Platform comes in.

Such a platform can serve as your website salesperson or customer service rep, to guide your users through your website and deliver targeted customer assistance that will increase conversion rates and decrease customer service requests.

A personalized walk-through platform works like a real salesperson to create a unique interaction with the customer that enables you to:

  1. Determine what the customer is looking for
  2. Tailor the pitch to customer needs
  3. Keep the customer engaged
  4. Present a relevant call to action
  5. More effectively convert to a sale

How Does a Personalized Walk Through Work?

Using an intuitive interface, behavioral cues from the user on the site trigger targeted content to be delivered. This results in a unique, guided user experience that includes personalized messaging, highlighting relevant features on the page and focusing attention on specific calls to action.

Just as a face-to-face vendor would be able to engage and “sell” a consumer what he is looking for, this targeted message creates a guided experience, leading the user from start to conversion and increasing onsite engagement.  If you have an ecommerce site you can even offer user specific promotions and coupons to “upsell” your customers in real time.

Here are 4 ways a Personalized Walk-Through Platform Can Increase Site Revenue:

Enhanced User Experience: Web designers are always trying to enhance user experience, whether through navigation, live chat bars or intuitive navigation. This has a huge impact on conversion, the effectiveness of a website and the revenue it brings in. These innovations are all leading to ways that a website can more closely replicate a real-life, personalized consumer encounter.  Using audio visual guides, real voice scripts and even animated elements, the walkthrough platform gets even closer to providing real time onsite guidance to assist the user in fulfilling his needs and increase user satisfaction.

Increased Conversion Rate: A personalized walk-through leads users to stay on the site longer as they are lead through according to their individual interests and needs.  Not only does time on site correlate to higher conversions but you are delivering the user targeted messaging and calls to action that will drive them along a personalized conversion route.

Increased ROI: With targeted, user specific messaging, your website and marketing strategy will be more effective and for the same effort and money spent, you will get more leads, more sales, more conversions and more users acting on your offers.

You will experience a decrease in one area…

Reduced Customer Service Needs: By providing more onsite guidance, the platform directs users to the answers they seek and therefore reduces customer service needs. This leads to less customer service resources needed, increased customer satisfaction and therefore increased revenue.    

A personalized walk-through platform can transform your website from a brochure to a sales call.  Which do you think will be have a greater effect on your bottom line?