2 Simple Landing Page Tips that Can Enhance Conversion Rates

Written by Toonimo


In the world on online marketing and e-commerce, marketing teams are constantly conducting A/B tests and finding new ways to tweak landing pages to increase conversion rates.

For many e-commerce companies, a landing page that increase its conversion rates by even 5% can mean a significant growth of revenue.  

In many cases, e-commerce marketing efforts are focused on keywords, calls to action and design for landing page conversion optimization. We'd like to suggest two simpler tips to help increase in the conversion rates of a landing page. As more companies integrate landing pages as their primary lead generating form of marketing, a need to tell a convey a brand personality while evoking a trustworthy message to the consumer.

As brand integrity becomes more important, we'd like to offer five unique strategies for presenting a user focused landing page design, while maintaining a personable business to focus on improving conversion rates. Our focus will be to enhance any site with a distinct quality that can transform visitors into converting consumers.

Before we continue, it goes without saying that landing page optimization requires constant testing and many tweaks to get the optimal conversion rates.  

Personality and Trust: Critical to Conversion

If we compare an e-commerce site to a real meeting scenario, then we from the moment of the initial meeting we process various cues, mannerisms and use of language to form our opinion of the other person.

In many ways, landing pages are not very different.

When a visitor lands a landing page, their decision to continue navigating or to drop out usually takes about 7 seconds. That's it. While much of the decision is done based on preconceived notions, a portion of the decision is based on the message and design of the landing page.

In short, the company has about 5-7 seconds to convince users to either convert or opt out.

A landing page should be distinctly valuable and position the product above any of the competitors.

Here are five strategies that can add personality and trust to any landing page.


Color is the most fundamental trigger to consider when designing a landing page.

The psychology of color discusses how color impacts the perception and emotions of user. When designing a landing page that is optimized for conversion, color should be used strategically to inspire a specific reaction without overpowering or dissuading a visitor.

Images of People

Nothing conveys trust better than the face of satisfied user on the landing page. A company that remains faceless to its visitors immediately decreases the conversion rate because the user can't engage with or find similar qualities with a page that is not proud of its other consumers.

While putting a face to the company is important, a stock photo or a generic smiling person will not yield optimal results. The key is to continuously test the style, look and personality of the image.

Investing time in the right image that resonates with the company's target audience to yield optimal landing page results.

Tone of Language

It can't be stated often enough that the tone of language used by a e-commerce business evokes specific responses from visitors. Personality and trust are conveyed by crafting a clear tone of communication that resonates with the user.

A landing page shouldn't sell a product, it should sell a user on the value of a product.

Feature the Person Behind the Business

Many companies are beginning to include a product video or a intro video that is focused on adding a face to the company.

Explainer videos are gaining popularity as a simple way to add value to any landing page. The personal touch of a video can highlight the human aspects of a business while remaining professional.

Along with product videos, another form of gaining trust with customers is to integrate some form of pop-up chat feature to answer any questions. By including some form of on-page intuitive explanation, companies can improve user experience and guide visitors through the funnel.

A guided onsite navigation experience, especially a site with a personalized customer assistance representative can encourage self-service and reduce customer service requests.  

Customer Testimonials

It's no secret that customer testimonials enhance a sense of trust to any e-commerce company. If there are customers who have submitted their testimonials, these quotes and statements of praise should clearly make it to a landing page. Including customer testimonials to a landing page, immediately bridges the gap between a brand and a consumer.

Concentrating on constant improvement of landing pages can only benefit the conversion rate of any site. Integrating the right colors, messaging, personality and images will increase trust and communicate a message of an approachable and relatable business.