108 Years of Animation in 1 Blog Post

Written by Toonimo


Cartoon Animation: Key Animation Milestones

Cartoon Animation is used by thousands of online marketing professionals to drive their business.

The history of animations spans more than a century and reflects the persistence of those who had a vision of making the fun and obscure, mainstream and profitable! In this 3rd blog in the series, we cover 108 years of animation breakthroughs that moved animations from a pipe-dream to a impactful business medium.

Here is a whirlwind tour...

1906- “Humorous phases of funny faces” by Stuart Blackton was released. It is a 3 minute short movie created by Stuart by drawing faces against a plain blackboard and animating them.

1908- Emile Cohl’s Fantasmagorie was released in Paris, a short film comprising totally of animated images.

1908- The first use of stop-motion animation was made in a film produced by Humpty Dumpty Circus.

1914- Process of cel animation was invented by Earl Hurd which was a revolutionary success in the history of animation.

1914- “Gertie the Dinosaur” was created by Winsor McCay which featured a distinguishable character of a walking and dancing dinosaur.

1919- Felix the Cat made his first debut.

1920- The first color cartoon, “The Debut of Thomas Cat” by John Randolph was released.

1922- The first animated short film by Walt Disney was released “Little Red Riding hood”.

1928- In the six minute short film “Crazy”, Mickey Mouse made his first debut.

1930- Warner Bros. Looney Tunes made its debut in Sinkin’ in the bathtub.

1932- The first full color and Technicolor animated short film- “Flower and Trees’ was released. This film brought an Oscar to Disney.

1933- King Kong featuring several characters was released.

1933- Popeye the Sailor made his debut.

1935- “The New Gulliver” was released which was the first to employ stop motion technology for the bulk of its running time.

1937- Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the seven dwarfs” was released which was the first movie to emerge out of the United States.

1940- “Puss Gets the Boot” was released featuring the famous Tom and Jerry duo.

1941- “Mr. Bug goes to the town” was released which was the first full length animated musical movie.

1946- Disney released its first animated live-action film “Song of the South”.

1949- Ray Harryhausen who was a great stop-motion animator made his debut film “Mighty Joe Young”.

1958- The famous “Smurfs” were introduced in this year.

1972- First X-rated animated movie was made by Ralph Bakshi - Fritz the Cat.

1973- A brief shot of computer generated images were used first time in a movie “Westworld”.

1975- George Lucas founded special effects company “Industrial Light and Magic”.

1976- The film “Future world” made use of 3D Computer graphics for animated hand and face.

1975- Will Vinton produced “Closed Mondays” and received the award of Best Animated film. He used “Claymation” technology which used clay models in the process of film production.

1986- Pixar’s first short film Luxo Jr. was released and was first computer animated short film to be the nominee of Academy Awards.

1991- “Beauty and the Beast” became the first fully animated film to be the nominee of Oscar awards for the best picture category.

1993- First movie with photorealistic computer animated characters was released – Jurassic Park.

1995- Pixar created “Toy Story”.

2002- This year Oscar created a new category of “Best Animated Film” and this award was won first by the animated film “Shrek”.

2004- “The Polar Express” was released which was the first full animation film to use the motion capture technology.

2005- Aardman animations created “Wallis and Gromit” in which the characters were brought alive by Nick Park using modelling clay and wire. The characters were animated using the stop motion animation.

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