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UX Startup Goes For Big Customers
NEW YORK—Startup Toonimo launched its audio-visual “guidance platform” in 2013, with the promise of making it easier for consumers to complete complex tasks on websites without human assistance.

Early adopters included small and midsize insurance... …
Tools And Tricks That Capture Readers Attention In Seconds
You may not know this, but there’s actually two doors users can go about entering your website. The front door is the way that allows them access through providing them with engaging content that will keep them involved and cause them to spend more time on your site… …
Website Fundamentals That Won’t Let Your Users Bounce Away
Don’t Let Your Readers Bounce Away For Foolish Reasons. Keep These 3 Basics In Mind.
You’ve worked really hard to build the perfect website. You have a catchy domain name, effective search engine terms and an eye-catching design, yet you’re still pondering why your visitors have only driven by and not parked at your site. Bringing in new visitors to your site is only half the battle; the challenge you face is keeping them there… …
Why Audio Content is Successful in Audience Engagement
A basic testament to any human existence are the five senses: sight, hear, touch, taste and smell. Besides the fact that science continues to prove that there are more than five, for budding business owners and marketers alike, such senses are ideal to appeal to when selling products online… …
3 Cool Tools to Guide Users through Your Site
By now we are all well versed in watching sites’ explainer videos, those animated recordings that explain what your product does, its services, and why people should buy it… …
Interview with Ohad Rozen, CEO and Co-founder of Toonimo
Interviews with cutting edge UX and usability leaders like Ohad Rozen, CEO and Co-founder of Toonimo are always interesting. In this interview we have a chance to hear from Ohad about his past, what UX means to him and learn about his company’s leading-edge UX innovation… …
Reduce Your Bounce Rate with Personalized Audio Guidance
Your website’s bounce rate is one metric you definitely don’t want to mess with. This can be the death of your site. Not only does a poor bounce rate mean your marketing efforts aren’t working and people aren’t actually entering your site, but it can also lead to lower rankings when it comes to SEO… …
How To Really Convert The High-End Online Shopper
With almost every commodity available at your fingertips, E-commerce has become a dominant source for shoppers and companies to promote their products… …
The Future of Business Web Site UX: Get Personal!
Though it’s taken quite a bit longer than many frustrated UX designers thought it would, the business world is finally waking up to a fundamental fact: when it comes to B2B or B2C… …
The Value Of Social Proof On An eCommerce Site
As Human beings, when we want to do something, we first introspectively ask ourselves a question- why? Even more so when we are about to embark on something new to us.
E-commerce and Social media are not new but are definitely toddlers in our culture… …
The Art of Building a Loyal Customer Audience Online
Whether it’s on social media, website content, or on a forum, make sure that anything that comes from your brand is expressive, personable and consistent with your established beliefs… …
Stop E-Commerce Window Shopping!—3 Ways to Actually Convert More Online Customers
If you were an online store, what would you be? What would be most important to you? What would you look like? These are the crucial questions you need to ask yourself before creating an online shop. In a nutshell, … …
Three Israeli Startups that guarantee customer engagement
The world we live in today is intertwined on many fronts. It’s powered with an abundance of content and data that give customers the accessibility to products and services… …