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Enable your online web users to benefit from a service-oriented approach for all their travel needs


Real time and immediate support is a key factor to running a successful online business, especially in markets driven by low customer loyalty.
The travel & hospitality industry is subject to significant price sensitivity. An advanced support approach is needed to retain customers in this industry. Toonimo addresses these exigencies with ‘Out of the Box’ thinking
Industry challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Low Customer Loyalty – Overcome low customer loyalty.

  • Low Retention –Streamline the online user’s journey and provide an incentive to return.

  • Lack of Self-Service Features – Most users want to solve problems by themselves, which could also reduce the support requests.

Trusted By
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Toonimo simplify the users' navigation through the platform, while helping them find a doctor or a specific hospital location. Toonimo also assists the internal platform by providing onboarding walkthroughs to the employees.
Toonimo has been assisting with the onboarding experience for all users. We want to make sure the users know how to navigate through the funnel properly while explaining how to best use the system.
Toonimo is helping with the signup procedure making sure it goes as smooth as possible. Toonimo also assists in the onboarding experience and making the platform intuitive and accessible for all users.

Travel & Hospitality FAQ

How can Toonimo help me with the Above challenges?

Toonimo’s innovative solution adds real human voiced explanation for complex “Touch Points”. The solution successfully onboards new users with interactive walkthroughs to create a positive and immersive experience.

Can Toonimo personalized messages to different kind of users?

Yes, Toonimo can identify a log in user by his name or a random user and personalized a message him according to the client’s request.

Does Toonimo Support Multi-language?

Toonimo’s Audio-Visual guidance product supports all languages and all dialects and accents, Toonimo’s Text bubbles walkthroughs also supports all written languages.
For segmentation purposes, Toonimo detects which country your visitors are situated (GEO Location) and can target your visitors with the most appropriate language.

How Toonimo can reduce our high online support requests?

Toonimo encourage and drive users to solve problems by themselves by adding self service capabilities, we also adding a walkthroughs knowledge base search bar for the user before initiating a chat or phone call

Does Toonimo’s solution involve technical resources from my IT Division?

No. The Toonimo implementation process is easy. Simply copy & paste a single JavaScript code line into your webpage and you’re done. no technical skills needed.

Break down the sea of information on websites, itineraries and reservation systems and add a rich digital overlay to help users navigate through your site.