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Toonimo ensures the software companies’ users get the most out of the product as possible by providing step by step walkthroughs that brings down customer service costs and boosts conversions


Customers have limited patience for poor customer support with software providers. We live in the digital age where problem resolution requires immediate attention.
Customers will not wait interminable periods of time for telephone support, chat agents, or email responses. Users want relevant and accurate responses stat. As a SaaS provider, it is imperative that you are updated with the most advanced, cost-effective solutions on the market.
Industry challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Usability Challenge –Overcome complex “Touch Points” and improve funnel conversion.

  • Onboarding New Users Challenge –Successfully onboard new users with real time support.

  • Limited Self-Service Features – Most users want to solve problems by themselves, which can also reduce the number of support requests.

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Toonimo guides the user within the funnel, while giving them a step by step tutorial on how to use the product in the most effective way.
Toonimo takes the user through all the complexities of the funnel while giving them the help they need to understand the process, cutting down the customer services costs, while boosting conversions.
Toonimo guides the user through the funnel, while giving them a step by step tutorial on how to use the product in the most effective way. Thus increasing conversions while cutting customer service costs.

Software Providers FAQ

How can Toonimo Help me with the Above Challenges?

Toonimo’s innovative solution adds a real human voice explanation for complex “Touch Points”, and onboards new users with interactive walkthroughs. This generates a positive first impression for users.

How can Toonimo Help me with High Volume Requests for Online Support?

Toonimo builds a knowledge base of step-by-step walkthroughs to support users in real time. The engaging search bar allows users to solve issues for themselves, and this reduces the number of support requests you have to deal with.

Can Toonimo personalized messages to different kind of users?

Yes. Toonimo can identify a log in user by his name or a random user and personalized a message him according to the client’s request.

Can I build the walkthroughs by Myself?

Yes. Toonimo’s WYSIWYG editor allows you to “Keep it Simple” while creating personalized engagements & walkthroughs - no technical skills required. The editor provides all the tools you need to create an interactive walkthrough. This generates user engagement and ensures information retention.

Does Toonimo’s solution involve technical resources from my IT Division?

No. The Toonimo implementation process is easy. Simply copy & paste a single JavaScript code line into your webpage and you’re done. no technical skills needed.

Toonimo is bringing new meaning to the user experience based platform by giving the user interactive walkthroughs