Toonimo assists insurance companies by explaining to their customers which is the best plan for them and why. Leave it up to the professionals to help you make the right choice


Companies offering the best-in- class customer experience grow faster and more profitably than others. To reach this level, insurers must constantly strive for the best possible customer experience.
This is achieved by enhancing customer journeys across channels and business functions. Providing a strong customer experience is not just about reducing the risk of customer service mishaps. It is an effective way for companies to clearly distinguish their brands in competitive markets.

Industry challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Frustrating and Confusing Online Process – Lack of real time guidance and support

  • Poor Customer Experience –Blocking new opportunities and reducing company growth

  • Lack of Self-Service features – Most users want to solve problems by themselves

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Toonimo helps increase online conversions by registering agents for InsuranceQuotes (a Bankrate company). Sharing relevant information on products and help agents make conscious decisions throughout the funnels.
Insurance ProShop
is the largest trainer of insurance agents in North America.
Toonimo ensures that the proper information is given to the potential agents so they are able to create a thriving prosperous carrier, whiling making sure the clients needs come first.
Toonimo guides the users through the numerous steps for online registration, making sure the users experience is a smooth and easy and possible. Toonimo's on-premise solution is deployed to achieve an enterprise grade security installation

Insurance FAQ

How can Toonimo help me with the above challenges?

Toonimo helps users’ complete online processes like filling in a form, completing insurance claims, and other complex touch points. Toonimo does this with an interactive step-by- step walkthrough and innovative real time support messaging. Toonimo is the only platform that uses real human voice walkthroughs, in all languages.

How can Toonimo help my users complete their online forms?

Toonimo’s innovative walkthroughs ‘Lead’ users through the completion of online forms, per your requests. We also add real human voice support to each complex touch point.

How can Toonimo reduce our high online support requests?

Toonimo encourages and drives users to solve problems by themselves. This is done by adding self-service capabilities. Further, we also add a walkthrough knowledge base search bar for the user before initiating a chat or phone call.

Could I deliver a personal message for every user?

Yes. Toonimo allows for personalized messages to be delivered for logged-in users or for new users. This bridges the gap between the support function and the user by making it a more personal experience, thereby driving up brand loyalty.

Does Toonimo’s solution involve technical resources from my IT Division?

No. The Toonimo implementation process is easy. Simply copy & paste a single JavaScript code line into your webpage and you’re done. no technical skills needed.

Toonimo propels the insurance industry into the 21st century by making sure they have the best online customer based service as possible