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Top 5 Traits of Landing Pages that Convert

Written by Toonimo


Conversions. That’s the main word for every e-commerce business and every marketing strategy in the digital age. Without a solid conversion funnel, marketing efforts are virtually useless. An impressive landing page can drive the business to success, while a poorly designed and low functioning landing page will raise questions about the marketing efforts of the team. 


The main goal of a landing page is to direct and guide visitors through the conversion funnel and turn a casual reader into a potential lead or maybe even a sale. Significant investments are poured into creating each landing page, all with one goal to get the customer to move from simply 'window shopping' to actually making a purchase. 

Is There Such a Think as The Perfect Landing Page?

Unfortunately, the perfect landing page is not just a template or formula that can be applied across industries and scenarios. Each brand and product is different, which means that the landing page is crafted around this unique market. 

Even within a brand, multiple landing pages are often designed to accommodation the different traffic sources of customers. The social media traffic should receive a landing page that looks different than those searching via Google.Each page is customized to the campaign. 

Every landing page has a different goal, and there isn't one standard solution for all landing pages. With that, there are some overarching characteristics that typify the very best ones.

Here our top 5 landing page elements that are sure to enhance the creation of conversion-focused landing pages.


Start where the customer is not where the company is. A headline attracts, engages, interests and captures the audience. Its there to bring immediate interest.

Wording of a headline should be short, sweet and to the point. No more than 10 words.


A great headline grabs the viewer's attention, the sub headline drives home the sale. It makes customers think. The sub-headline is there to persuade by adding more detail to the headline. 


Great landing pages have great graphics.  Graphics should enhance the core message of the landing page, it shouldn't detract. It should add a visual boost to the product.

Avoid stock imagery. That will make your product seem cheap and insignificant. 

Value Prop

Together, the above three need to mesh to communicate the value proposition to the consumer. Why should they sign up? What's in it for them? What does the product offer or problem does it solve? 

In some ways, the value proposition should be a statement of pride to any consumer. It answers their most basic question.

Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) is probably the most important element of any landing page. This is where the conversion happens. 

Essential CTA features

Button- Yes, it must be a button. Nothing else works. 

Big- Make the button big and obvious. Don't go over the top but make sure that it's unavoidable. 

Bold- Make the CTA jump from the page. Use a color that is glaringly obvious even with all the other text. 

Clear- The text within the button should be clear and explain what the value is to the customer. No more than 5 words. 

Live Chat/ Onsite Guide

Of all the conversion tools out there, Live chat software or a virtual guide are among the strongest ones. These integrated features, allow brands to break the virtual divide and offer real time conversations with visitors. These features guide users to the unanswered questions and allow them to ask someone along the way. With either a click or responsive guiding, a virtual guide can direct and respond to user actions towards closing the sales funnel. Engaging the user once on the site will always yield higher conversions.