Maximize the most of your Jive® Software investment

Toonimo helps accelerate training and onboarding process, while increasing productivity for those new to Jive ®Software

Toonimo’s powerful Jive Software training features

Classic Text Bubbles

  • Multipage step-by-step text bubble walkthroughs.
  • Segmented text bubbles to certain users.
  • Interact with media-rich text bubbles.
  • A combination of audio and visual text bubbles

Powerful Search Menu

  • Browse through the different walkthroughs.
  • Segmented search menu for certain users.
  • Multi-language search menus.
  • Cross platform & cross browser.

Audio-Visual Walkthroughs

  • Digital overly with real human voice.
  • Combination of audio and coach marks.
  • Multiple walkthrough triggering options.
  • Full language support.
  • Provide specific walkthroughs based on referrer elements.

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