Train and onboard your users easily and effectively with a step-by-step digital walkthrough

Employee Training is Effective When it’s Simple and Engaging

Train and onboard your new employees with a personalized, interactive online training program. Increase your team and employee productivity and lower your training costs
Add an interactive audio-visual training explanation for your team
Build interactive step-by-step classic text bubble walkthroughs
Let your users browse through the different walkthroughs and select the walkthrough they want to initiate
Choose your preferred installation model that fits your standards and regulations.

Toonimo supports multiple implementation options such as SaaS, Private-Cloud, Self-Hosted, On-Premise.

Cut Your Valuable Training Time and Reduce Costs

Transform your face-to-face corporate training to online corporate training, while cutting training costs. Build an internal online training knowledge base
Allow your employees to access all the online training guides when and where they want to
Replace expensive face-to-face corporate instructors with cost-effective interactive walkthroughs
Allow your employees to learn at their own pace with the self-help approach

Create and Manage Your Online Training Program

With Toonimo’s intuitive editor, you can easily create, edit, and publish an online training program for each employee or team within seconds
The editor doesn’t require any technical skills and includes a script management tool, drag and drop design elements, and an easy-to-use dashboard
Build a customized training program for each team or employee, based on personal preferences
Add your own customized JavaScript launchers

Measure and Analyze Your Training Program

Get online training program status and feedback at every level. You can access aggregated analytics within every custom training program, with each training walkthrough
Gain access to a suite of analytics and reports
Moderate key metrics relating to visitors and conversions
Easily track user activity

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