Reduce Customer Support Costs

Increase revenue and proactively support your users, while encouraging self-service.

Start Proactively Supporting Your Customers

Toonimo’s innovative digital overlay provides guidance through all websites and online processes. Add an interactive support layer to all your website’s touch points, including registration forms, bill paying, service explanations, and more.
Reduce your incoming support requests by adding an interactive step-by- step walkthrough
Increase revenue by improving your website’s conversion rate.
Simplify problem resolution for your customers and drive up the company’s profits
Interactive Demo

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction & Boost Sales

High customer satisfaction rates translate into a profitable business. Extend your customer
support approach with an authentic human voice and powerful knowledge base that your
customers will love to use.
Reduce your CES score with the help of our powerful interactive step-by-step digital walkthroughs
Increase CSAT and build customer loyalty with an interactive step-by-step walkthrough
Improve your NPS score by making customers happier with the self-service approach
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Seamlessly Create and Edit Digital Walkthroughs

Toonimo’s intuitive editor allows you to create, edit and publish personalized digital walkthroughs with no technical skills required.
The editor doesn’t require any technical skills and includes a script management tool, drag-and-drop design elements and an easy-to-use dashboard.
Guide users to a certain walkthrough you want completed
Add your own customized JavaScript launchers

Measure and Analyze Your Digital Walkthroughs

Get performance data and insights at every level. Within every client’s personal dashboard, you are able to examine aggregated analytics for every individual walkthrough.
Gain access to a suite of analytics and reports
Moderate key metrics relating to visitors and conversions
Easily track user activity

Customer Success

Discover how Toonimo can asisst you to
achieve business goals!