Onboard New Users Easily

Improve your users’ and customers’ onboarding experience with interactive guided digital walkthroughs

Introduce Your Product with Step-By-Step Guidance

Tailored to work on any browser and any device, Toonimo’s digital walkthroughs offer focused guidance for new and returning users and customers
The only platform that explains your product with a real, human voice
Introduce your product with step-by-step interactive tours
Promote new product features and drive users to take action
Interactive Demo

Simplify the Product Experience

Toonimo’s powerful platform allows product teams to highlight their products, proactively support their users, and streamline the entire onboarding process
Let your users browse through the different walkthroughs and select the walkthrough they want to initiate
Show each user different sets of walkthroughs, depending on their company and role
Guide users to a certain walkthrough you want completed
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Seamlessly Create and Edit Digital Walkthroughs

With Toonimo’s intuitive editor, you can easily create and edit your personalized digital walkthroughs with no technical skills required
The editor doesn’t require any technical skills and includes a script management tool, drag and drop design elements, and an easy to use dashboard
Guide users through a certain walkthrough you want completed
Add your own customized JavaScript launchers

Measure and Analyze your Digital Walkthrough

Get performance data and insights at every level. You can browse aggregated analytics within each client’s personal dashboard, for every walkthrough
Gain access to a suite of analytics and reports
Moderate key metrics relating to visitors and conversions
Easily track user activity

Customer Success

Discover how Toonimo can asisst you to
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