Increase your Website Conversion Rates

Improve conversion rates on your website by guiding users with interactive audio-visual walkthroughs

Maximize your Website's ROI

Turn poorly performing pages and conversion funnels into successful ones by adding interactive step-by-step guiding walkthroughs
Intelligently construct and sync human voice and coach marks. Guide your online visitors with human voice and personalized walkthroughs
By using Toonimo, you can test multiple walkthrough variations by seamlessly changing any element within the walkthrough
Use classic text bubbles to guide your visitors with an interactive step-by-step walkthrough
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Create a Customized Walkthrough

Build a customized, step-by-step walkthrough based on user behavior. Guide your users through the entire funnel.
By guiding the user with a proactive, step-by-step support walkthrough, you can dramatically reduce your website’s bounce rate.
Increase User Engagement by extending specific walkthroughs for first-time visitors and returning customers
By adding interactive audio-visual walkthroughs to your landing pages, you will be able to boost your conversion rate by an average of 15%.
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Seamlessly Create and Edit Digital Walkthroughs

With Toonimo’s intuitive editor, you can easily create, edit, and publish your personalized digital walkthroughs – no technical skills required.
The WYSIWYG editor does not require any technical skills. It includes a script management tool, drag & drop design elements, and an easy to use dashboard
Guide users towards the walkthroughs you want them to complete
Add your own customized JavaScript launchers

Measure and Analyze Your Digital Walkthroughs

Get performance data and insights at every level. You have access to aggregated analytics within every client’s personal dashboard, for each individual walkthrough.
Gain access to a suite of analytics and reports
Moderate key metrics relating to visitors and conversions
Easily track user activity

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