Toonimo will increase the diversity of users who can use your platform. Toonimo allows users to receive information via hearing, seeing & reading

Toonimo brings user experience to the next level, by making sure those with disabilities get the same experience

We are very proud that we are able to accommodate the needs of those with disabilities. We do this by making your web content fully accessible by using full audio-visual guided interactive walkthroughs, or by providing a fully guided text bubble walkthrough. Toonimo wants to make sure we are able to engage all users and ensure their experience is no different.
success in achieving better accesability
IEC (Israel Electric Company)
chose Toonimo not only to improve the user experience or to help guide the user through the payment funnel, but rather to increase the accessibility of their platform. IEC wanted to make sure that everyone was able to receive the help they need in order to pay the electric bill online.
Israel’s largest telecommunication company has increased their accessibility within their funnel. One of the main reasons they chose Toonimo was to not only guide the user through their personal profile but to make sure everyone could use their platform regardless of disability.

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Increase your accessibility by letting Toonimo make sure your platform’s usability is at its pinnacle, giving you the edge on your competitors