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Testing & Optimization

A/B Testing

By using Toonimo you are able to test multiple variations by seamlessly changing any element within the walkthrough or engagement; the scripts, trigger buttons, and overall style of your walkthrough in order to determine which variation will bring the optimal results. You can divide the percentage of traffic each variation will receive.
  • Set conversion goals which will assist in giving you the clearest picture when conversion rate is the KPI.
  • Compare which walkthrough variation had a higher completion rate & click through rate (CTR) within our analytic section.
  • Create multiple variations with ease using our self-served SaaS editor.
  • Fine-tune your users’ engagement to achieve your ideal user experience (UX).

Split URL testing

In order to find out exactly how much Toonimo is helping your users complete a funnel, a task, or by how much Toonimo has increased conversions. You are able to divide the user traffic to compare the Toonimo experience with your regular site experience without Toonimo.
  • Determine the impact of conversion with and without Toonimo, all this can be seen within your personal analytic page.
  • Create goals and split the traffic volume to see how Toonimo positively affects your platform.



Toonimo’s WYSIWYG editor allows you to “keep it simple” while creating your personalized engagements & walkthroughs with no technical skills needed. The editor gives you all the tools you need in order to create a user interactive walkthrough. This will keep the user engaged and make sure the information was retained.


The launcher starts the walkthrough or a user engagement. We offer a variety of launchers; each has its own specific use and can be fully customizable to fit your branding guidelines.
For example:
  • You can add a launcher button and place it in the page.
  • Choose a vertical “Side button” and place it on the left or right hand side of your webpage.
  • Choose the timer to launch the walkthrough after a specified period of time.
  • Choose browser abandonment to launch the walkthrough if the user is about to leave the page.
  • You can set the walkthrough or engagement to launch immediately right after the page loads.
  • Choose “existing element” in order to launch the walkthrough after the element is clicked on.
  • You can also add a gray screen overlay that prompts the user to engage the walkthrough, which will lead to a higher click through rate (CTR).
  • Add your own customized JavaScript launchers.

Walkthrough types

Toonimo has not only revolutionized the web UI experience by introducing audio-visual walkthroughs, but we also offer traditional text bubbles walkthroughs. This gives you the choice, to either choose one of the two or combine both text and sound to perfectly suite your users’ needs. Either way your users will be guided through an unforgettable learning experience.


Reach your visitors by using banners, modals, popups, surveys and all digital forms of engagements.
Toonimo allows you to personalize when and where to engage your users.

Multi-language support

Toonimo’s Audio-Visual guidance product supports all languages and all dialects and accents, Toonimo’s Text bubbles walkthroughs also supports all written languages.

For segmentation purposes, Toonimo detects which country your visitors are situated (GEO Location) and can target your visitors with the most appropriate language.

Product Features

Rule Engine

The rule engine is a main part in Toonimo’s flow, and a powerful tool when building a segmented rule-based walkthrough or engagements.
The rule engine can be used for triggering actions upon custom complex rules in order to activate specific features or a part of a flow.
By implementing the rule engine, Toonimo delivers maximum configuration and adaptation flexibility.

Launcher types

We are pleased to offer a vast selection of launcher types, which trigger the walkthrough to begin. Each of the launcher options has its own use. With our launcher advanced settings, you are able to personalize the launcher by setting a condition, for example giving first time visitor one type of launcher vs a returning visitor.

Step-by-step guidance

Take the user on a step-by-step journey. This method not only guides the user by telling them what to do but will wait until the user completes that specific task in order to continue to the next step. Step-by-step guidance is great when training or onboarding and keeps the user interacting with the page. Toonimo wants the user not only to have a great experience but also to walk away with the knowledge on how to use the platform.

Multipage walkthroughs

Toonimo enables you to create walkthroughs that leads your users across pages in your website or funnel.


Within Toonimo’s editor you are able to segment the walkthroughs to different users. We want to make sure that the users feel like they are getting personalized help. We have an assortment of different conditions you are able to choose that will help bring your walkthrough to the next level.

Search menu

Ideal for those using Toonimo for training or onboarding purposes. The search allows your users the ability to browse through the different walkthroughs and select the walkthrough they want to initiate.
The search menu can be divided into subsection for a large amount of walkthroughs.

Custom Java script

This feature exists for those who are a bit more tech savvy. If you want a specific feature in your walkthrough that Toonimo does not have, you are able to create a new and personalized feature by putting in a custom Java script code. This allows you to bring all your desires to the next level by giving you the ability to match your business goals.


Personal Analytics Dashboard

Within every client’s personal dashboard, you are able to look at aggregated analytics for each individual walkthrough. You can see platform specific information (i.e. PC/Tablet/Mobile).

Goal based analytics

Within the analytics page you are able to track conversion rates, number of conversions, bounce rate, time on page, click through rate and see how many people finished the walkthrough. We want to make sure the clients can see with their own eyes how Toonimo has assisted them.
Within the analytics page you can look at the A/B testing if you had initiated it. Check your goals progress, refine and optimize using the data-driven information to better assist your users.

Integration & Compatibility

Cross platform
Cross browser

Toonimo runs across all platforms Pc, tablet, and mobile (Cross-platform). We wanted to make sure no matter what device you are using Toonimo is able to guide your users.
Toonimo’s walkthroughs are visible on the most common Internet platforms such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari and more.


Codeline Implementation

Toonimo wanted to make the implantation process as easy as possible. For every campaign/domain there is one codeline, all you need to do is implement it one time, and that’s it. No matter if you update the walkthrough or change it completely the codeline remains valid and the updates will be made instantly without any hassle. It’s a one-time implementation, set it and forget it.
(You can either copy and paste it to your template section or paste it to your platform’s tag-manager).

On Premise configuration

For our enterprise clients, we offer a full service implementation by also giving you the option for an “on-premise” installation. Toonimo offers professional services in its enterprise model.


We combine enterprise-class security features in all of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected.

Managed service

Account & Success Management

Every Toonimo client will be assigned a success manager that will be handling their needs. The success manager will be with you throughout your journey with Toonimo, not only helping to maximize the potential of the walkthroughs in every aspect but to make sure things are running smoothly and in a timely fashion. Your assigned account & success manager will be your connection to the technical team and will make sure all your technical requirements are achieved.

Professional services

Toonimo also offers professional services.
If time is an issue, let our team to create the walkthrough “end-to-end” for you in a timely fashion.

Technical Support

Toonimo employs the highest caliber of engineers and technicians that will be able to guide you through any questions you might have.
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