Change Management Successfully

Toonimo streamlines the change management process by reducing risks and employee confusion while delivering safe and smooth software migration.

Automate and Streamline Your Software Migration Process

Toonimo personalizes a custom management replacement plan. We identify difficult and confusing “Touch Points” for employees on the new platform, then we eliminate that confusion with real human voice assistance and step-by-step interactive walkthroughs.
Allows your employees to browse different onboarding walkthroughs and select the appropriate walkthrough.
Intelligently guide and introduce new features and complex “Touch Points” with a real human voice.
Guide your employees through the new platform with interactive text bubbles.

Eliminate Errors and Employee Confusion

For change management to be successful, platform errors and employee confusion should be minimized. Toonimo will help implement a real-time support structure to address and resolve employee questions and concerns as they are learning the new platform.
Target a personalized onboarding plan according to the person job rule.
Empower you employees by removing confusion with an innovative and advanced learning platform.
Communicate and support the platform migration with audio-visual messaging.

Easily Create & Launch Your Change Management Plan

Toonimo’s intuitive editor allows you to create, edit and publish your change management plan with no technical skills required.
This includes a script management tool, drag & drop design elements, and an intuitive dashboard.
If needed, our team will create the walkthrough “end-to-end” for you in a timely fashion.
A professional success manager will be with you throughout the platform migration to ensure smoothness and stability.

Track and Measure Your Software Migration Success

Get performance migration data and insights at every level. Easily access aggregated analytics within your personal dashboard. Without measures of success, the organization does not know if it has succeeded in its efforts.
Gain access to a comprehensive suite of analytics and reports to identify strengths and weaknesses.
Set KPI and targets for a successful software migration campaign.
Set goals and milestones for the migration plan.

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