Humanize the web user experience

Engage your online visitors with digital walkthroughs.
The SaaS platform enables an overlay of human voice and graphical coach marks that improves the user experience and provides personalized guidance.

Transform your Digital Channel with Toonimo’s Overlay

Toonimo’s innovative digital overlay provides guidance across any website channel.
Add a human pulse to your digital channel, improve customer service, drive training & onboarding and increase conversions.
Intelligently construct and sync human voice and coach marks. Guide your online visitors with human voice and personalized walkthroughs.
A seamless overlay that is fully compatible across all devices and browsers
Trigger digital walkthroughs for first time visitors and returning customers

Revolutionize your Website with a Human Voice

Extend an in-store service oriented approach with real human voice and constructed sentences that guide users through online processes including onboarding & training, online shopping, e-learning, bill paying, customer support and more. With today’s information overload, provide users with humanized guidance that seamlessly leads them to digital action.
Extend specific walkthroughs for first time visitors and returning customers
Provide worldwide customers with a guided humanized walkthrough
Extend your brand image across your digital channel

Guide your Users with Interactive Text Bubbles

Toonimo allows you to implement classic text bubble walkthroughs on your platform to onboard or train your visitors throughout a complex process or funnel.

A mixture of text bubble walkthroughs and audio-visual (sound) walkthroughs is sometimes the perfect fit.
Guide your visitors step by step using text bubbles to guide you along your journey
Using Toonimo’s WYSIWYG editor & drag-n-drop capabilities, now, creating your own personalized walkthroughs has never been easier
Toonimo’s products are designed to work both on PC, Tablets and Mobile devices

Seamlessly Edit and Analyze Digital Walkthroughs

With Toonimo’s SaaS platform, easily create, publish and edit personalized digital walkthroughs. The editor includes a script management tool, drag-and-drop design elements and advanced targeting options for user behavior triggers that can be applied to any digital walkthrough. Gain access to a comprehensive analytics dashboard that includes performance reports, A/B testing capabilities and key metrics that enable modern marketers improve user engagement.
Gain access to a suite of analytics and reports
Moderate key metrics relating to visitors and conversions
Easily track user activity

Personalize the Web User Experience with Toonimo

Toonimo’s dynamic website overlay personalizes the user experience. The SaaS platform triggers individualized routines according to user data and user behavior. Toonimo seamlessly constructs natural language sentences on the fly and provides users with an interactive website funnel flow with complete personalization.
Provide specific walkthroughs based on referrer elements, form/field elements, APIs, location and other custom variables
Easily align with any other service channel
Incorporate any custom variables from any webpage

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