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Packing an E-Commerce Punch with Personalized Emails

Written by Toonimo


With the holiday season still in full force, now is the time for e-commerce brands to invest heavily in personalizing their email marketing campaigns. 

According to recent Salesforce research, 60 percent of shoppers will eventually complete their originally abandoned cart if they receive a personalized email from the e-commerce store that they visited. In fact, those personalized emails encouraged shoppers to spend up to $36 per click, in addition to the generated revenue from the original shopping cart. That's a lot of potential money being left out in cyber space.

The interesting results of the study, as mentioned by Salesforce, is that only 15 percent of the e-commerce brands actually took the time to invest in incorporating a perosnalized email system to customers who abandoned their cart. Why such a low number?Online retail brands should be capitalizing on targeting their engaged consumers in a more strategic fashion. Email marketing is the easiest form of personalization, since the consumer opted in to receive the content. 

Why are companies so resistant?

Many brands have phased out email marketing because they think that with newer distribution channels like social media, consumers are using email less. Email marketing may be old, but it is not dead. In fact, the results speak for themselves. Successful online marketing campaign for any e-commerce website (or any business) are based on email marketing efforts.

Here are 3 reasons email might be still be the best bet.

Targeted Reach

Even today, email remains one of the best tools for targeting specific niche groups of consumers.  Unlike social media strategies, email marketing offers a much more accurate success rate. Using metrics, analytics enables a company to reach only the most relevant consumers with the highest potential for conversions.

Supports Overall Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is the newest form on customer engagement. Blogs and articles, producing videos and webinars, sharing presentations, and creating infographics and podcasts all are opportunities for brands to communicate with their community. While style and focus may vary, the idea is to keep producing quality to encourage the consumer to return. That's where email marketing comes in. One time visitors are nice, but engaged consumers that return because they see the value in the content is the ideal.

Email Still Offers Best ROI

With all the buzz of other marketing platforms and strategies, email is still showing its value as the most cost-effective marketing tool.Email marketing campaigns have been know to yield an average ROI of $40 per $1 spent. Compared to SEO, the next in line, with whopping $22.24 per dollar, the numbers speak for themselves.

It is pretty clear that email marketing isn’t dead yet—and it shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. However, figuring out how to apply this knowledge isn’t always as clear-cut as one might hope. Below are several ways you can improve your email marketing campaigns and see awesome returns for your ecommerce business.

Email is not dead. People are looking for value. It's just time to get personal and remain consistent.

Social marketing leader, Gary Vaynerchuk, recently wrote that email is not dead. In fact, it's a very strong platform now.