Comparison Overview

Businesses today are looking to simplify their user experience both internally and externally. Whether it is delivering self-service to drive training and onboarding or to improve customer satisfaction, the platform you choose will determine the success of your operations.

Toonimo’s audio-visual guidance platform allows companies to transform the way they encourage employee training and user onboarding. Our platform includes everything a company can use to streamline user processes.

WalkMe is a digital adoption platform that engages users. WalkMe is a powerful solution to simplify user experience, but what it excels in service, it lacks in design and functionality.

Why Choose Toonimo?

What sets us apart from others

Real Human Voice Guidance

Toonimo is the only onboarding and training solution that uses a combination of interactive audio-visual walkthroughs. You can guide your users with a real human voice or classic step-by-step text bubbles.

Professional Services

Toonimo features a strong professional services team. Every Toonimo client will be assigned to a professional success manager and receives complete support services, from building the walk-throughs for you to adjusting and modifying product features for your platform.

Toonimo Walkme Others
Main Features
1. Contextual Guides - Users are guided through walkthroughs with step-by-step text bubbles
2. Rich Media Effects - Implement shapes, like arrows and circles, to point out what you want to show users
3. Audio Walkthrough - Guide users audibly with a real human voice that talks users through a walkthrough
4. Search Menu/Help Widget - Add a widget on your web page so users can access walkthroughs on-demand
5. Support All Browsers - Access walkthroughs with all browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, and more
6. A/B Testing - Create different versions of walkthroughs and use analytics to determine which one works best
7. Multi-Language Support - Create walkthroughs in many different languages.
8. Mobile Web App - Users can access walkthroughs that are optimized to work on most mobile browsers
10. Self-Service Editor - Create your own walkthroughs with a simple editor that requires no coding experience

Perfect Solution For:

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Employee Training

Toonimo is the only platform that intelligently trains your employees with personalized and interactive audio-visual walkthroughs. It cuts your training costs and eliminates confusion.

SaaS Onboarding

Engage new users, increase feature adoption, prioritize product improvements, and help users successfully complete tasks.

Reduce Support Costs

Deliver real time support whenever your customers need it, save time and high support costs, encourage Self-Service.

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