Create an intuitive customer journey and user experience for your telecommunication customers


When a customer needs help, telecom companies have a variety of response options.
Taking advantage of new, innovative technologies and customer service strategies has the potential to revolutionize how these large companies handle customer sales, complaints, and inquiries.

Industry challenges that need to be addressed:

  • High Support Cost – Due to complex account details and billing practices.

  • Support in the Digital Era –Today’s telecom customers expect immediate and personalized service gratification whether it’s on-the-go using apps, or connected via PC.

  • Lack of Self-Service features – Most users want to solve problems by themselves

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Toonimo explains Telus' online bill with a real human voice and interactive visual cues. While explaining the bill itself, thus reducing the support cost.
Q-Link Wireless
Toonimo is guiding the users in receiving government benefits when it comes to subsidized cell phones. Making sure the experience is quick and easy to complete.
Toonimo guides the users within a certain area in the funnel to make sure they are able to sign up correctly. While explaining the page itself, thus increasing the conversions rate and customer loyalty.

Telecommunication FAQ

How can Toonimo help me with the above challenges?

Toonimo simplifies all online processes with interactive walkthroughs such as: bill explanations, log ins and registration, real time support, and more, Toonimo is the only platform that uses a real human voice and coach marks for explanation and guidance.

Can Toonimo personalize messages for different users?

Yes. Toonimo can identify all logged-in users by name. Toonimo also identifies random users and delivers personalized messages according to the client’s request.

How can Toonimo reduce our high online support requests?

Toonimo encourages and drives users to solve problems by themselves. This is done by adding self-service capabilities. Further, we also add a walkthrough knowledge base search bar for the user before initiating a chat or phone call.

Could I track and monitor the change in my website’s customer experience?

Yes. Toonimo operates an innovative platform that offers clients unfettered access to an analytics dashboard. There you will be able to see precisely how Toonimo is reducing your incoming calls and queries, and how your customers are solving their own problems on site. Within the analytics page you are able to track conversion rates, number of conversions, bounce rate, time on page, click through rate and see how many people finished the walkthrough.

Does Toonimo’s solution involve technical resources from my IT Division?

No. The Toonimo implementation process is easy. Simply copy & paste a single JavaScript code line into your webpage and you’re done. no technical skills needed.

Extend an in-store experience to telecommunication customers that promotes customer loyalty and service