Toonimo makes sure your users can navigate through the funnels by receiving an interactive audio-visual explanation of the most difficult sections.


Technology offers an effective and engaging way for patients to manage their health care needs online. However, clunky designs are problematic. This can take the form of a poorly-designed user-interface, bad navigation, or a complicated onboarding process.
In the digital era, it is imperative that all healthcare institutions manage their onboarding process as efficiently as possible. This is done via innovative, interactive elements with personalized guidance during the onboarding process.

Industry challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Support in the Digital Era – This generates high churn and user confusion.

  • Reduce Support Costs –Support your patients with effective self-service options.

  • Support Elderly Patients -Simplify complex “Touch Points” for elderly patients with “Real Human” voice support operations.

Trusted by
Childrens’ Hospital of Wisconsin
Toonimo simplify the users' navigation through the platform, while helping them find a doctor or a specific hospital location. Toonimo also assists the internal platform by providing onboarding walkthroughs to the employees.
Christus Health System
Toonimo has been assisting with the training and onboarding experience for users. We want to make sure the users know how to navigate through the funnel properly while explaining how to best use the systems.
Toonimo is helping with the signup procedure making sure it goes as smooth as possible. Toonimo also assists in the onboarding experience and making the platform intuitive and accessible for all users.

Healthcare FAQ

How Can Toonimo Help me with the Above Challenges?

Toonimo’s solution simplifies and eases the patient journey through finding a doctor, clinic location, setting an appointment, and more. In fact, all online processes can be resolved with the help of interactive and personalized patient walkthroughs. Toonimo reduces patient confusion and churn. Toonimo also assists with onboarding and training hospital employees with internal CRMs and other software.

Can Toonimo Help me Support Patients on “Epic Software”?

Toonimo supports “Epic Software” patients with a comprehensive support knowledge search bar. Users can initiate an interactive step-by-step walkthrough that will guide them through the platform with a real human voice and graphical cues from a large database.

Can Toonimo Explain Complex Processes with a Real Human Voice?

Yes. When a user needs online help for a specific online process he/she can initiate a human voice explanation or guidance which eliminates confusion and helps complete the support requests.

Could I deliver a personal message for every user?

Yes. Toonimo allows for personalized messages to be delivered for logged-in users or for new users. This bridges the gap between the support function and the user by making it a more personal experience, thereby driving up brand loyalty.

Does Toonimo’s solution involve technical resources from my IT Division?

No. The Toonimo implementation process is easy. Simply copy & paste a single JavaScript code line into your webpage and you’re done. no technical skills needed.

Humanize the learning process by integrating Toonimo within your funnel, taking the health care industry to the next generation