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Holiday Shopping Isn’t Over: Beating the Competition with these Headlines

Written by Toonimo


It was the night before Christmas and all the presents are wrapped. With the gifts tucked under the tree, many consumers take a deep sigh of relief that they've successfully survived another holiday shopping season. To the e-commerce businesses, however, the shopping season is still in full swing through New Year's because there are many who return gifts and are looking to return or replace the less than exciting stocking stuffers.

With the a few good days until the official end of the holiday season, we wanted to offer a few more tips on how to beat the competition from the initial point of contact- in many cases that's the email. The consumer inbox is definitely crowded, and the holidays season means getting to the top of consumer inbox, even more difficult.

What does this email marketing efforts for e-commerce companies? 
As e-commerce companies get further into the trenches of sending holiday emails, staying ahead of the competition is critical. Carefully crafting a subject line can motivate the consumer to click through and delete a competitors' content.

Here are a few tactics for writing email subject lines that convert.

Spell it out in the subject line

Consumers prefer companies that are direct, especially during the holiday season. This time of year, customers are on the prowl searching for good deals on the best gifts. By being clear in the subject line about the deal to catch consumer attention. Deal should be a primary part of the subject line. New Year's Special $200 off is much more engaging than New Year's Sales Going on Now!

Go Personal

The best way to call the attention of consumers, is to call them by name in the body of the email. Keeping the subject personal but still including the deal in the subject will increase conversion potential. For a more advanced personalization experience, segmenting the list based on gender and sending each group specific deals based on their interests will also increase the conversion potential.

Keep Message Short

Seize the opportunity to focus the subject line. Attention grabbing emails will make this holiday season emails stand out and convert. Subject lines over 75 characters are considered too long, so focus on keeping the message tight and clean. An alternative is to creatively add an icon (like a heart or New Year's hat) into the actual subject line.

These tips are only a few of the bold moves for creating holiday subject lines that convert to ensure that customers click through this holiday season. Once they've clicked through, engaging customers requires finessing their navigation experience through use of a virtual guide that engages consumers and responds to triggers to ensure that every customer is satisfied.