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Customer Service for E-Commerce Site: What It’s All About?

Written by Toonimo



In the world of e-commerce and online businesses, a brand must maintain stellar customer service at all times. While the larger brands can rely on strong customer service departments, the leaner e-commerce sites have to work exceptionally hard to prove their value at all times. Maintaining a high standard of customer service enables a company to gain trust and credibility among their potential customers. As the level of customer service increases, so does the credibility of the overall brand. 

We recently came across an great infographic that describes 7 great ways to provide amazing customer service in the e-commerce industry.

Rather than elaborate on all 7 points that are so poignantly laid out below, we are going to focus on two points that we've found to be particularly important in engaging and converting customers.

Online Engagement

As the infographic states below, many customers visit a site before completing a purchase. They explore the site to gain trust with the brand and to ensure its legitimacy. We've found that once on the site, if a customer is engaged and interacts with the site in a meaningful way then the likelihood of conversion increases significantly. The engagement can be in the form of an online chat feature or a virtual agent that responds to consumer behaviors. In either case, the focus is to keep customers on the site and increase their interest in a product or in the overall company.

Delivering an Impressive and Responsive Experience

Customers today are searching for online businesses that can deliver excellent customer service at all points of the purchase (before, during and after). The e-commerce site should always focus on continuously surpassing any customer expectations. The responsive nature of the site and the valuable information that the content or any onsite engagement tool provides can determine the level of conversions and long term relationships.


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How to Provide Online Customer Service for Ecommerce

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This great infographic describes some great ways for any e-commerce site can quickly increase its customer service efforts. Together with excellent onsite engagement tools that provide interesting ways for a customer to interact with a brand, customer service may very well be the most significant conversion tool available.