We, at Toonimo, are changing the way users interact with the web.
Let's make the web personalized together.

About Us

At Toonimo, we believe that the online experience should be as simple as a human interaction. Toonimo does exactly that by providing users with personalized and interactive audio-visual guidance.

Toonimo was founded with the goal of providing a next-generation user experience for all enterprise brands. We are the only solution that intelligently guides users with an interactive video-like overlay that is delivered when needed. Not only does Toonimo enhance a website’s usability, but it can also effectively increase site engagement, encourage self-service, reduce service costs, improve customer loyalty and increase conversion rates.

The Toonimo Story

The idea for Toonimo was born in 2013 when we noticed the staggering number of online users struggling to navigate certain websites with no real online support. They also noticed a lack of human touch in existing digital processes. Toonimo is now offered worldwide in any language and has offices located in both New York City and Tel Aviv.

Our Team

Dan believes all websites and applications should be intuitive. Before Toonimo, Dan was a part of Unit 8200 in the IDF.
Dan Kotlicki
Co-founder & CEO
Adi is responsible for directing the R&D program and helping the company develop research plans and new product proposals.
Adi Darachi
Head of R&D
Gabe boldly leads our sales team in the United States and in the United Kingdom, sets sales targets and spots new customer opportunities.
Gabe Newman
Head of Sales, The Americas
Web processes that are complex must ultimately have a simple end user-experience solution, in order to be successful
Dan Kotlicki, CEO & CO - founder