About Toonimo

We at Toonimo are trying to change the way users interact in the web.
Let's make the web personalized together.

What We Do

Toonimo is the first and only next-generation user experience platform that intelligently guides users with a personalized and interactive audio-visual overlay that is delivered when needed.
Our solution makes any online service intuitive and easy by providing site visitors with a concierge experience. This “site concierge” enhances a website’s usability and can effectively increase engagement, encourage self-service, reduce service costs, improve customer loyalty and increase conversion rates.

Toonimo INC. was founded in 2013 by Ohad Rozen (CEO) and Dan Kotlicki (COO). Toonimo is headquartered in NYC with additional offices in Tel Aviv. Toonimo launched its current product in January 2015 with the goal of providing a next generation customer experience for all Enterprise brands.

Our Team

Ohad Rozen
CEO & Co-Founder
Dan Kotlicki
COO & CO Founder
Nir Dekel
Gabe Newman
Head of Sales
Adi Darachi
Head of R&D
Web processes that are complex must ultimately have a simple end user-experience solution, in order to be successful
Ohad Rozen, CEO & CO - founder