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15 Conversion Optimization Tips- How to Increase Conversion Rates

Written by Toonimo


Over the past few months, we've written many articles and pieces focused on conversion rate optimization and increasing onsite engagement.

The challenge with all of our content is that Conversion Optimization tips and “Best Practices” are limited in value because they are broad and require testing to each specific business.  These tips should not be taken as recommendations, but rather as ideas that you could test.

Each site requires careful analysis and consistent testing of specific conversion hypotheses.

15 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

  1. Location of Call-to-Action: Is it on the right or left side of the page?

  2. Value Proposition: Are the three most important points immediately obvious on the landing page?

  3. Credibility indicators: Have testimonials, reviews, awards or stats been integrated on the site to add more credibility?

  4. Specificity: Is the landing page content too broad? Can a specific product page drive more conversions than a category page?

  5. Reduce Distraction: Are there links, images, videos or text that can be eliminated?

  6. Improve Clarity: Can an image replace text to drive more interest?

  7. Too Many Options: Is the product being offered in too many choices (color/ style)? Try reducing it to one or two.

  8. Clarity: Increase clarity of the visuals by contrasting the image on a white background.

  9. Anxiety: Does the privacy policy evoke anxiety? Does it make people nervous? Try pairing the text down.

  10. Emotions: Consumers buy with emotions. What text or visual can excite their purchase decision?

  11. Privacy Link: Integrate a popup instead of having it on a separate page.

  12. Features vs Problems: Many companies sell the features of a product not the actual value. Sell the value and the problems it solves.

  13. On page lead gen forms vs. new page vs popup? Testing each format is important.

  14. Column Swapping: Change the look of the page by moving the column from left to right.

  15. Incentives on the Thank You page: Can some of the form fields be made optional? Consider offering incentives for filling them out.

  16. Bonus Tip: Onsite navigation guide: Consider integrating an onsite guide that directs visitors through the sales funnel.

These are our favorite tips. We will continue to post some other conversion tips throughout the year, enjoy.