Onboarding & Training

Improve user training and customer onboarding with interactive guided digital walkthroughs

Provide a seamless onboarding and training experience for your users on any website or SaaS platform.

Tailored to work on any browser and any device, Toonimo’s digital walkthroughs offer focused guidance for new and returning visitors and users.
The interactive and personalized digital overlay promotes frictionless onboarding and improves user adoption.
success in numbers
increase in user engagement Transcom
increase in conversion Tuckaway Shores

Drive frictionless user onboarding with humanized digital walkthroughs

Provide personalized user training
Drive seamless user training for any site, tool or platform with human voice and graphical annotations
Extend user training and onboarding across all platforms
Seamlessly guide users and drive the customer user experience on any browser or device
Improve the overall user experience
Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a guided web user experience
Engage users from initial interaction
Provide users with initial support as they onboard and train
Lower Training Costs
Reduce training and support costs as users train and onboard on their own
Promote self service
Promote self-service and self-training by providing users with a guided digital walkthrough

Success Stories

We got great improvements in our adoption rates utilizing Toonimo in our platform and positive email feedbacks from our customers.
Guy Gaash CEO, Shopnfly
Promote seamless user onboarding and user training with personalized and interactive digital walkthroughs