Drive user engagement and improve the customer journey with guided digital walkthroughs

Simplify the information overload and improve the user experience by providing users with a personal online concierge that guides them through your digital channel

Toonimo’s interactive overlay combines natural language and graphical coach marks that navigate users through websites. Engage your online visitors and deliver a personalized message while extending a full brand experience to your online channel.
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increase in user engagement Transcom
increase in conversion Tuckaway Shores

Improve the online user experience

Deliver personalized guidance to all online visitors
Gain the ability to deliver humanized and personalized walkthroughs to all users based on user behavior, personal parameters and on-page parameters
Simplify the online user experience for new visitors and returning customers
Clear the clutter and information overload by providing users with clear and concise digital navigation
Drive user engagement and increase conversion rates
Add a human touch of voice and annotations that guides web users through your digital channel
Effectively communicate brand value
Provide a comprehensive brand experience and connect offline and online marketing channels with digital walkthroughs
Add a digital walkthrough to any online channel
Seamlessly drive new and returning visitors through your online experience on any device and any type of site
Provide assistance with online interactions
Synergize the user experience with Toonimo’s digital walkthrough overlay by helping users with common questions and complex online processes

Success Stories

We were astounded by the results driven by Toonimo as well as the increase in user engagement
Gary Kover, GM Motobuys
Improve the web user experience with personalized and humanized digital walkthroughs